Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Grand Sale! Grand Sale!

IN-STORE ONLY... (sorry).  No mail-order.

Since we closed the online shop last year, we haven't managed to organise The Great Clearance Sale that was planned.  There always seems to be about a million things more pressing. 

Anyhoo - we still have things like bulk packs of self-cover buttons, yo-yo makers and other gadgets and lots of zips, rings and discontinued hardware hanging about the place with nowhere in particular to go. 
 And we have loads of the BEST interfacings....
 And since we launched the new-look YOU SEW GIRL patterns, we haven't quite got around to clearing the older-packaging ones or the discontinued styles.
So... starting tomorrow (Weds 20th June), we'll have a week of 20% off all stock except the very spanking-new patterns (like the ones in the photo above).  These will be available at RRP.

The 20%-off sale includes stuff already in the bargain baskets and the super-cheap zipper bundles.  There are also discontinued patterns for $10 and I'll also be looking through the garage and throwing some crafty stuff in a "free to a good home" box.

YOU SEW GIRL (the one with a temporary sign outside, since the original was stolen...)
3/99 Helen St, Northcote
Shop open  - 10am and 5pm Monday day to Friday

We're between Northcote railway station and the High St/Separation St tram stop, and very close to a car park. MAP HERE (...And yes - it does look like a block of townhouse apartments, but walk up the bluestone laneway and you'll see that it's all businesses.  Ring the bell and someone will run downstairs to let you in!)


Jeff Hardy said...
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Katy Cameron said...

Alas, I fear the flight costs would outweigh the savings... plus, of course, the boss might be a bit miffed if I failed to turn up at work for the rest of the week ;o)

Dianne said...

Oh so tempting, you wicked woman Nikki! But between work, and organising the school disco on Friday, I don't think I can get there this week...maybe Monday??? ' Cos I did promise my sister I would buy her "whatever she wanted" from you for her birthday! (although she beat me to it and already dropped in to GJ's and got your latest skirt pattern!)

A Peppermint Penguin said...

somebody nicked your sign!?

good grief.

Yes, I'll have all the patterns.

And of course I don't have any zips....

Anonymous said...

Hi Nicole (don't know you well enough to call you Nikki ;-)

I love your blog. I love your patterns. But I'm sad that I have to work full time so I can't spend money at your sale :(

But thanks for the sale anyway :)


PS Your sign must've been really cool for someone to steal it, eh?

julie @ tractorgirl said...

damn I wished I still lived in Melbs! Wagga's just a little too far *sigh*

Anonymous said...

I was so excited to see your patterns were available. Then saddened to see its in store only. I love the fedora. Will it ever be available by mail order again? Its just the style ive been searching for...

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh love a good clearance in person, i think people buy more, with the hype & atmosphere, everything they love & it's more enjoyable, plus not postage, everyone loves that!! Happy sales to you Nikki, love Posie

Anonymous said...

Hi Nicole, OK, I've wandered in a bit late... question for you I am making your wonderful beach bag and want to put in grommets . I bought a tool and grommets at Spotlight and would like to now, is it me or do they just sell crap? I couldn't even get the damned thing to cut through 2 layers of paper let alone some stiff bag straps. and q 2: do you still sell a god tool + grommets? I suppose I could go to my local shoemaker.