Monday, May 14, 2012

A wee hot one...

I've blogged this recipe before, but it's particularly seasonal, so I think it's worth running again (this time with my own Instagram pic).  It's the Irish cure-all, and right now I godda gold.....

Hot Irish Whiskey (or "a wee hot one" as they say in some parts of the aul' sod)

You need IRISH whiskey - Scotch doesn't work with these flavours.

1. Pour a goodly amount of the whiskey into a sturdy glass.

2. Add a large teaspoon of BROWN sugar (has to be brown sugar... doesn't taste right otherwise).

3. Cut a slice of lemon, stud it with at least half a dozen whole cloves and put that in the glass as well.

4. Top up the glass with boiling water. Stir and let it steep for as long as it takes to be a drinkable temperature.

5. Drink several of these.... and you will feel NO PAIN and sleep like a baby. (Do it too often and you'll probably feel some liver pain, but your cold will be a distant memory!).

Oh - and this works equally well with Port, only you don't need the sugar.

For me tonight, it's a wee hot one and some knitting, and bed a-calling.


thornberry said...

You will bring the ingredients to Sewjourn, won't you? Even if we don't have a cold? And you are definitely going to be all better and over your cold by then, aren't you?

Leonie said...

Oh I could use one of those right now. Just came down with an awful sneezy, sinusy head cold. Now where can I get whiskey this time of night.......?

Katy Cameron said...

Lol, hope you're feeling no pain now ;o)

Kylie said...

LOVE this! Thanks :)

Jan said...

Hope it does the trick, Nikki. Green ginger wine before bedtime works a treat too (no need to heat it up; just sip and sleep). Have a great weekend at Sewjourn.