Wednesday, May 23, 2012


My felted-jumper (sweater) stash has been getting a little out of control lately.   I've been gathering them to play with a few bag/teaching-related ideas in mind, but haven't got as far as putting the ideas into action.
Last week, while trying to magically transform our busy, creative family home into a display house for inspection (no mean feat), I realised the old couch cushions needed a bit of a spruce-up.  Funny, how I hadn't noticed the shabbiness until I saw them through strangers' eyes.

One evening after work, I pulled out some heavy denim (from Rathdowne Remnants) and a few felted jumpers that matched our floor rug, with the intention of making one side of each cushion in wool and the other in denim. But when I cut the arms off the jumpers, I was inspired in a different direction altogether.
I fell in love with the juxtposition of the different textures and the contrast of the denim blue.  It broke up the matchy-matchiness of the wool cushions and the wool rug. The circles of felted-jumper-arm suddenly looked like the remnants of shells, clinging to a rocky shore. 
I especially liked that they were REALLY QUICK to make.
To date, they haven't impressed any prospective house buyers enough to buy the house, but I quite like them.


Lisa M said...

These are great! What a great way to up-cycle jumpers. I'm sure they look fabulous on your couch.

CurlyPops said...

That's a brilliant idea to use the arms. Gorgeous colours too!

Fer said...

Truly inspired!!

Leonie said...


Katy Cameron said...

Such a fab idea, hope they do the trick soon!

KathyB said...

Fab cushions!! Nothing worse then selling a home and having to keep it neat, enough to send you insane:)