Sunday, May 27, 2012

On my iPod this week...

Yeah, yeah... music (a very weirdly eclectic mix).

This week, it's been all about the iPod camera, which I'm still trying to get to grips with (but keep finding myself without any other camera to use).  So it's all low-fi and badly-composed around here. 
 These Shell Purse pics were some of my earlier Instagram experiments.... and I realised today that I forgot to take any other pics of this purse before it went off to be a display model in... ummm... Addicted to Fabric or Bargain Box Mornington... or somewhere.  Time I recorded them on the blog, methinks.

 On Friday, not only did I forget my camera, but I took VIDEOS instead of photos of all the images I thought I was photographing... except this one.  It's the cute little box that my gourmet lunch arrived in at my Treehouse Textiles class.
On Saturday we spent some rare and much-needed family time, and took a day-trip to Castlemaine.  The amazingly colourful Beanie Affair was on in the market building in the town centre.  There were lots tables full of hats to try and buy - knitted, crocheted, felted and sewn - but unfortunately we were not permitted to take photos of them.
 The tassel-making section was another matter altogether.  The local Steiner school brought in HUGE cones of yarn and encouraged involvement.  The wee girl found a spot to get tassel-making and someone to show her how (thanks Jane).
 The proud finish photo is decidedly low-fi.
Since we've been home, a goodly portion of Auntie Wilma's yarn stash has been transformed into woolly tassels, to decorate the house.
There's been a bit of low-fi sewing going on here this weekend, too.  I brought my machine and half of everything I need to finish off some samples for the trade show next weekend.  It's been a comedy of mismatched threads, an absence of the right size/colour zips and a late-night dash to Safeway to get sewing machine needles (...and I was right to follow my instincts about cheap supermarket sewing machine needles and buy two packets of them.  They go blunt faster than they sew!).

Last night, I was wondering why the bag I was making was looking so "home-made"...but I kept on sewing.  This morning, it occurred to me to check the pressure on the presser foot.  Yup - it was still in machine-embroidery mode. Great.  And I have a wonky bag to show for my perserverence. 

Looking forward to a slightly more hi-fi week....


bec said...

My first thought was how much the cat would love those tassles! I remember years ago being given 1 tassle as a Xmas present by a boss. Still dont know what to do with it! (or them) What are yours being used as?

Katy Cameron said...

Lol, oh dear, hope next week is much better!

Lisa M said...

Love the tassels.

Alison said...

I have an Auntie Wilma too. How cool! Although technically she is my Great Auntie Wilma, but she'd kill me if I ever called her that!

My Mum made a tassel for me once, and I keep it hanging from the key for my piano, which sits in the keyhole up near the lid. Every time I see it I think of my Mum.