Friday, April 20, 2012

Before another one passes...

I've no idea where time is flying to lately, but it's certainly going fast.  Already, another week is gone and I've failed - once more - to document the goings on.   A quick recap is in order. 

The new dress pattern was sent out to wonderful pattern-testers and the feedback is coming back in. 
I've made more dresses and taken more photos. 
I have plans for tweaking the instructions again. 

I made this dress in gorgeous Saffron Craig fabric, but lacked a child of the right size to try it on.  It's yet to be pressed and has been hanging on the tripod for a few days.  I wish it would fit me.

 The back of the machine-knit jumper was re-worked and I'm happy with it... even if the back seam is a bit wobbly and you can see the line where the yarn got tangled and pulled the tension really tight. 
I gave it a bit of a press and wore it to work.  Nobody asked why I was wearing a toile (muslin).
 Last Saturday after my class, a couple of my oldest and bestest friends dropped around.
 There was wine and pattern-making and good conversation.  Tanya dropped in - since she was in the area - and had a cuppa.  Sensible girl - no wine before her 3 hour drive home. 

What a lovely way to end the week.
 My apologies to the gals in the Purse Frame Class last Saturday.  I promised I'd post this picture so they could show off their purse-making skills.  It's a bit late, but here it is... 6 gorgeous new purses!!
And now we're nearly back to Saturday again.  Tomorrow I'm off to the Australian Sewing Guild group in Essendon to teach a bag-making class.... and then the week is over again.  Who'd a thunk it?

Hope your weekend is a good 'un!


Cass said...

The dress looks gorgeous

Sammy said...

What a beautiful dress, very well made. Well done.

Fiona said...

You've been busy! Love the jumper ... and if you don't point out the wobbly bit on the back, no-one will ever notice.

Kate said...

Oh that dress.....
I love it.
I hope you are well and happy as well as busy, busy.
One day we shall play again. x

A Peppermint Penguin said...

you aren't late, it's only Friday evening ;-)

Gillian aka Silly Gilly said...

Saffron's fabric is showcased so well in that dress Nikki. Great stuff! Love the tuck detail.

Tanya said...

Hey Nikki, love the fabric you used on one of the purses, front middle one, blue and green bikes! Can you let me know the details of that, or if you sell it. When you have sons and a husband who are cyclist, that fabric could go very very well in my house!

Cheers Tanya

JB said...

I love the jumper!!!!!
Asymetrical, interesting, love the way the collar rolls! Great work.

Leanne@onethouprojects said...

Great class Nikki. I learnt lots and had a wonderful day even if you did make me unpick!! LOL

Tanya, the bike fabric is from Spotlight purchased fairly recently so they should still have it in stock. I got it in the quilting fabric section.