Sunday, January 1, 2012

Playing fabric chicken

My fabric piecing continues, and new challenges are being set all the time. 
It now HAS to become a quilt, and it has to involve as much of my stash as possible before purchasing any more fabric, and the super-bright colours at the centre have to be made to look like they link back towards a bitter chocolate base colour (I invisage plain bitter-chocolate-coloured homespun as the only fabric I will have to buy, since there is none in my stash).

I've used a lot of Tina Givens fabrics, because she manages to pull off some pretty unusual colour combinations, which - strangely enough - seem to be working in with my mad and unrelated mix.  Then I moved on to Patty Young's Andalucia ("fire" colourway). With my heart set on this particular print with this particular set of quilt blocks,  I dared not measure and estimate, in case I had proof that there wouldn't be enough.  I WANT this fabric here and don't want to have to consider anything else in its place.  I went for it, head-on, with high hopes of just scraping in with millimeters to spare.

Ok.  So there wasn't enough, and I have 3 more 5" blocks to turn into 9" blocks. 

I've googled and searched Etsy and trawled through my favourite fabric shop websites.  No joy.  Does anyone (preferably local) know if it's in any bricks & mortar shops or have a bit in their stash that I could purchase...?

Bravery is finished.  I'm on to begging.


Dolores said...

Hi Nikki
Kelani have a slightly different print in this range. You could unpick 1-2 strips to spread your fave print over all the blocks and use a contrast solid or the alt print for the remaining sides.


Lisa said...

Hi Nikki, I have a full metre piece of the black with pink/red flowers you are welcome to have since it's destined for nothing in particular. If your still looking, just shoot me an email and I'd be happy to send it your way when I head to the post office Tuesday/Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nikki

If you go to the Quilt Fabric Delights website under Sale Fabric you will find right at the bottom some Andalucia fabric on sale.


Nikki said...

Thanks FI - but the print I'm after is not on the QFD sale.... there are lots of other goodies there, though!! )

Sarah said...

Thanks for the link love Fi. Nikki let me know which print you are after - may well have some in the remnant box


Amanda said...

Nikki I'll look and see if I have any in the stash I did buy quite a bit of it from Sarah. Can't promise that I have that particular print.

Amanda said...

Sorry Nikki only had the pink in that print

Teresa said...

Hi Nikki
I haven't been interested in starting patchwork just yet.
But after viewing your blog, the fabrics and the way you are putting them together makes me want to start.
Your colour combinations are gorgeous.
Now that is patchwork???
Keep it up
Cheers Teresa

Lynne said...

I hope you find what you are looking for!

Little Munchkins said...

Aunty C remembers me loving Patty Young's fabrics and asked if I have the one you are looking for. Unfortunately I have it in a different colour way. Hope someone can help you.

Tas said...

Ack. The frustration...

Wish I could help :(

Katherine said...

Obviously, I'm too late to be of any help... I immediately realized that I had some Andulucia in the right colourway... but in the wrong pattern. Glad to hear you did track things down, I know how frustrating running out of the right fabric can be!