Thursday, January 12, 2012

Getting serious

My little holiday in quilting land saw me back at GJ's yesterday, investing in some batting, thread, extra fabric and EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE (again).  I think I've learned as much about quilting from the help the GJ's staff have given me as from any other source.
And today, I fell in love with my machine and my studio space all over again, as I free-motion quilted the scrappy quilt.  Binding is tomorrow's task.

In other news, the wee girl decided that she must cut her hair.

But was only willing to let go of the length below the elbows.  And she wanted a fringe.  She looked a bit like this (and I didn't like it).
 Today she was fed up with mid-length hair getting in the way of everything she did, and insisted on a shorter cut.  We found a hairdresser with a vacancy and we now have "an easy little bob", which has been flipping about the place since, while the wee girl sings the praises of half a metre less hair.

I've been marvelling at my confident, competent girl.

Here she is, sewing up bags (of her own design, with no help from her mother welcome or tolerated), confidently threading the machine,changing stitches and ....ahem...wearing the wrist band from the swimming pool yesterday.  Doing her own thing.

She asked, "Can I go to Sewjourn?"  


Cass said...

Kids craft weekends, she may have something there! I know some little girls who would e interested

Carmel Morris said...

I can't wait to see that quilt all finished.

I bet your girl feels amazingly free with all that hair gone.

Its great to see that the indoctrination is working so well, but you don't really want her tagging along with you to Sewjourn do you? Hahaha.

Little Munchkins said...

My little girl had very long hair too and it was so hard for me to take her to get it cut. But she was about to start kinder then so I knew it needed to be done.

The quilt is looking great! Can't wait to see it all finished.

A Peppermint Penguin said...

to craft or to teach? ;-)

Annie said...

That hair looks amazing . . . it's just the beginning Nikki! And that quilt is just WOWsers, I LOVE it. You are a clever thing indeedy - just like your wee one.

Lynne said...

She's growing up before your eyes Nikki; enjoy it while you can - they're grown so soon! (It seems like only yesterday my DD was that small - now she's a mum of two boys under two).

Helen Yann said...

Doing the binding is the best part of the process, nearly there!

Gillian aka Silly Gilly said...

I love Peppermint Penguin's comment!

m.e (Cathie) said...

hehee, you know she probably will end up going to sewjourn and do her own thing.
her hair looks adorable and it must feel so much lighter too.

that quilt looks amazing, you go quilting girl!!

by the way, no email at all, checked on computer aswell.. strange!!
send it to maybe.

see you soon ♥

Fer said...

Yesterday must've been the day for machine quilting, I actually finished off the quilt for Angus that I started before he was born!

Gosh the Wee Girl is growing in so many ways, you must be proud and a little bit sad too?

Tanya said...

ooh, that quilt is looking seriously exciting, can't wait to see more. And the hair, and the girl...tricky. All that hair and within a few days it's spontaneously all gone. Wow, now theres a quick decision maker, how admirable! I hope you are going ok adjusting. Any nit checks will now save you approximately 10 hours!

Frockfarie said...

My daughter decided to cut her hair off and when we went to the hairdresser she didn't want to do (the hairdresser that is). She kept asking 'Are you sure?, you know it will take months to grow back'. So she went from really long hair to a bob to just under her ears. It looked fantastic and she loved it. People get so hung up on girls having long hair.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nik, oh....the hair! We are in the same predicament x2! Both of my girls have very long hair coupled with hairbrush allergies (according to them!). I'm going to show them your pics and see how I get on. Love your new quilt too! Lx