Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Back to it.

We've started back at work this week and I'm feeling all the better for the three weeks of rest and quilting. 
I'm finally able to look at a yearly planner and think about workshops and courses.  I'm pencilling in dates, moving them around and thinking about new workshop ideas.  And tomorrow the lovely web-techie guy is coming to discuss web-techie things for the website

We're also updating the pattern information for the Pattern Review shop and updating the STOCKIST list, so you'll know where to source my patterns and supplies.  (NOTE: Pattern Review is at least another week or so off being up-to-date.  It's a complicated process to upload all the information)

Lots of work that is quite invisible, on the surface of things....
 And there was a bit of a reworking in the showroom late on Monday night, with more shelving, the shiny new patterns and everything moved around (so the girls couldn't find anything when they came in to work on Tuesday... oops!).

 Some bargains are to be had for in-store shoppers...
(Excuse the poor light in these shots.  I only thought to snap a few haphazard shots this evening before I left for home.)
 And I have ideas a-brewing for a new pattern.  Thanks to my assistant, I also have a booklet in which to write it down.  (Yes, she's now making kits for me to make kits... spot the kid who has grown up surrounded by craft...)
 For the hour before I left tonight, I allowed myself a spot of sewing time, to work through a few of those pattern ideas.  A reward for an otherwise non-creative few days.... and I'm itching to get back to it.
It's good to be back where I belong. 


thornberry said...

I wondered what that blue floral fabric around your machine was going to become when I popped in briefly today! Sounds as though you're having an excellent start to the working year.

A Peppermint Penguin said...

"write it down" that's where I've been goin wrong! ;-)

looks fab.

Jennie said...

The girleen could have a flurry of sales with those 'design your own paten and write it down' notebooks.

Those zip bundle proces are killer... if only I still lived a 10 minute walk away!

I'm intending to write you at least one Pattern Review review so thank for the tip about your listing being upgraded. I shall wait for the all clear!

After I finish my current skirt, which is a weird mustardy colour I'm not certain I'll wear, I want to copy the dark denim yoyo skirt you've got hanging on your staircase. I was going to hunt through your blog for a close-up pic but maybe I'll settle for this one.

Sally said...

Wishing you much happiness and success for 2012!

Fer said...

Sounds like you had the break you needed. I'm looking forward to seeing what comes from your ideas book!