Tuesday, December 20, 2011

'Twas the week before Christmas

I've been snapping photos randomly this week, in case they come together in some sort of coherent, thematically-linked manner to inspire a well-mulled-over, thought-provoking blog post. 
But all I have to say about this photo is that I made a HOBO bag to send up to Addicted To Fabric in Canberra....  and it has a zip....

And I quite like the lining.

I also like the look of our new patterns.  That Tania knows how to tart things up, doesn't she?

..And the studio is a mess.   (Nothing to do with Tania.)
I found this photo of my 12th birthday cake - a free-standing sewing machine.  My mother was a fantastic sculptor when it came to birthday cakes. 
(The other cakes on the table were for my Mum and sister - our birthdays fall in the same week.  I think my sister made the caterpillar cake, or perhaps I did).

The cake pic prompted me think about this sewing obsession of mine... but I didn't come up with anything profound to say about it.  It just IS what it is.

Then today I had to supply a magazine with a mugshot.  Very weird to have to look at high-res images of my face.

For a while there, I wished I was either vain enough to have my teeth whitened and my wrinkles filled, or not vain enough to care about the wrinkles and the discoloured teeth.  I ended up thinking that I should just go back to not looking at high-res images of my face.  I is what I is.

So.... no deep thoughts at all this week - just photos and behind-the-scenes-last-minute-xmas panic (I started making gifts TODAY.... yikes!).  No time to mull things over.

I hope that your Christmas/holiday plans are coming together, and I wish you all the best!


linda@tursketech.com said...

You are too hard on yourself. You are a beautiful woman! Love your bags as well.... the fabrics are simply yummy! Blessings- linda

A Peppermint Penguin said...

You are just *too* cool!

That Tania is a genius.

Are you sure the mess isn't T's fault?

That bag with the sushi fabric is shiny... did you lamifix quilt cotton or have you found sushi print laminate. Never mind!

Carry on hen, you'll be finished in no time at all.

Liam's Mummy said...

That's not a mess! Not a real, proper mess anyway. Your photo looks lovely, those are not wrinkles, they are character lines, and they are all happy ones at that. The patterns are all looking lovely with their new logos, and the Hobo bag is fantastic - I really like that lining fabric too, what a nice surprise it is to look inside a bag and see lovely fabric.

BreakfastJo ( LittleMissQuilty) said...

You are beyond tired! The hobo bag is gorgeous and Photoshop will take care of everythingelse, MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Ps my work room is worse than yours and I don't care until after Christmas!

Tania said...

You look lovely. Hi res and all.

If it;s any consolation, Tania's studio is currently a Great Big Tip.

Fer said...

Ah but that high res photo really shows off the cheeky twinkle in your eyes!

Katherine said...

I think you're gorgeous! That twinkle in your eyes has me wondering what mischief you're thinking up. ;o) I do believe Miss Rosie has that same twinkle....

Best of luck with the X-Mas panic... happy gift making!

Merry Christmas to you and your family, Nikki.

Sarah said...

I think you look fabulous, funny how we always see our own 'flaws'... The things I noticed in your mugshot were your gorgeous eyes and fantastic shoulders! Love the hobo bag too.

Tas said...

Yeah, go on. Blame Tania for the mess anyway ;)

I love your mug shot, laughter lines'n'all.