Monday, December 12, 2011

So.... another week whizzed by.

Fancy that.
I took some photos, but haven't had much time to write.
Last week I taught a few workshops at the Design And Technology Teacher's Association conference.  One of the workshops was in simple, effective embellishments.  My preparation for the class reminded me how much I enjoy scribbling with stitches.  These photos are both of details on A-Line Skirts, but I now also have lots of scribbly bag bits in progress, which I hope to turn into bags.
I also taught another couple of Bag in a Day classes.  We had lots of proud pocket moments on Saturday.  And pannetone and mince tarts. 
 We also saw some of the new-and-improved pattern instructions in action.  I must say, I think that the hellish job that the recent overhaul has proved to be, is absolutely worth it. 
 And I finished my winter woolly socks.....
...just in time for summer.  (Although, this is Melbourne I'm talking about - you never know what the weather might do.  I may just need them mid-January.)
The blueberry bush (thanks, Tanya) on the back porch is teasing me with the promise of fruit.  Each morning, as I water it with the remnants of the coffee pot, I WILL those berries to ripen.  So far, we still have green berries (and coffee grounds all over the leaves).
I'm afraid I don't have many words to share lately, and little time for blog reading or writing.  Real life stuff stuff keeps getting in the way.

I hope that by the end of the week, there will be a bit more order about the place, and some dust will settle after all the upheaval.   The new patterns are starting to go out to shops and fill our shelves. 

This time next week, family will begin to gather from around the country and the globe and we'll celebrate the time we have left as a complete family.  I hope to be reporting about trite small moments of Chrismas preparation happiness.  Until then, it's back to the patterns, for me.


meli B said...

Those puffy embellishments are stunning. I used to do lots of scribbling with my machine and I loved the effect but the machine is a little sick and just chews up my cotton. Sigh.

Liam's Mummy said...

Love those embellishments! I think fabric scribbling is very therapeutic. You need to TELL people that your bag in a day class includes fruit mince pies and pannetone, ha-ha!

Coffee is good for blueberries? I didn't know that - will have to make use of that knowledge. Our blueberry bush is tiny, but yesterday I was lucky enough to spot (and eat!) the first ripe blueberry. It will be a while though before I'll be collecting punnets of them.

thornberry said...

I completely need to do some embellishing! Those look so wonderful. And therapeutic, no doubt!

Amanda said...

scribbling is the most fun so freeing. Love those embellishments. I plan some scribbling quilting in the holidays, found a great idea in a stampington mag this week that I just have to try.
LOOOVe Blueberries, miss fruit trees this time of year, ours might fruit next year (if hubby leaves them alone)

A Peppermint Penguin said...

You have fabbo woolly socks. This means you need to come NORTH to show them off. It's suitable weather for them here.

You may need a few more clothes as well as the socks.

Carry on ;-)

Tanya said...

Not many words here either. Just tiredness but frustratingly whirring mind. Those socks ate wonderful, I'd love to offer to take them north to visit the peppermint penguin! What shops your patterns going into? Do you have a stockists link on your website? I might just check. Oh, and come on blueberries, we are enjoying ours up here.

Fer said...

At the moment I'm struggling to remember what day it is, and then family ask me what I'd like for Christmas and my mind goes completely blank. *sigh* I love the socks, reminds me to pick mine up again - maybe a bit more knitting will help bring some sanity back. Just got to find the time now!

PS. LOVE the yo yo's!