Thursday, December 1, 2011

Catching up.. and not.

At this rate, I'll be ready for Chrismas by about August 2012.  Right now, I haven't even begun to think of what we're doing over the holidays.  No gifts are made or purchased.  Even the bauble (above) is someone else's,  from the wee girl's birthday craft table a few weeks ago. 

And until now, I hadn't got around to blogging the gorgeous cat cupcakes and birthday cake that Cathie made for my girl's 6th.  Gorgeous and delicious.
The wee girl nearly hopped out of her skin with excitement when she saw them.  (And she was pretty-much hopping out of her skin with sugar overload by the end of the day.)
I only just caught up with press about the fabulous outfit that accompanied my bag to the Melbourne Cup a month ago.
 One from the local paper in Melton and one from The Age.

This week has spun by in a blur, as I've been catching up on pattern edits, workshop preparation and the odd bit of sock and Persian cat knitting.... Unfortunately I'm still behind on the photographic front, and appear to have lost my social and social-media energy.  Nothing to show, tell or link to.

The next few weeks will be the usual chainsaw-juggling act, and then I hope to SHUT DOWN for a few weeks.  Breathe.  I  might even finish that knitted Persian cat.


Liam's Mummy said...

Lovely to see both the dress and the bag in the same photo. They are a perfect match, and the dress is just good enough not to be overshadowed by that fabulous bag ;).

I can see why your girl was so excited to see her birthday cake, the cup cakes look awesome too.

December is so over-whelming. I always have about a million things I really want to do, and achieve maybe seven?

Lotti said...

Love the first line...... don't worry you'll get there ..... I love the decorations at the top they are so gorgeous. The cakes are so gorgeous and what little girl wouldn't love that.

A Peppermint Penguin said...

Wow, some cakes!

Cool dress (and bag).

I'm not certain, for the sake of your mental health, that your goal for time off and relaxing should including knitting a persian cat...

You live the life of at least two (busy) people.

Jenny from Ohjoh said...

Is there a juggling chainsaw course? I'll join you if there is.
I hope yours are turned off and getting smaller by the day.
Jenny - who also hasn't contemplated Christmas shopping yet ....

Tiff said...

I know that kind of busy.... I am just recovering from the end of term chaos... now I turn to Christmassy chaos! X

Catsparella said...

Hello! My name is Stephanie, and I run a cat blog called Catsparella ( Every week I run a post called Cat Cupcake Tuesdays, where I feature different cat themed baked goods. I just came across this post with your awesome pink kitty cat cupcakes, and was wondering if I could get your permission to use the pic in an upcoming post? I would give you credit and link back here! Thanks for your consideration! <3 Stephanie (