Monday, October 17, 2011

Kokka-loco and purse-mania

Yep. Purses. Production-line style. This one with a (completely intentional, of course....) wrap-around bird.

The odd playground scene...Cutesy stuff.

Gotta love those Japanese prints. These are all from Duckcloth a year or so ago. I've been thinking about Echino (by Kokka) fabrics as a panel in my A-line Skirt.

(BTW - Did you know that Duckcloth are now stocking my A-line Skirt pattern? As are GJ's and Addicted to Fabric. You can now buy the pattern and the fabric together!)

Then it was onto a bit of quilting fabric.... Shell purse and 90mm purse frame purses.

And then I gave up on old and goopy glue. Things were not coming together as they ought, so production has been suspended until new glue arrives.

I have a few more purses to frame and a few more made in various stages of construction to take to Canberra on Thursday. I'm also madly sewing up step-by-step samples of bag bits for two purse frame workshops and two Sharper Edge classes at Addicted to Fabric.

Busy days.


CurlyPops said...

All so cute! I'm sending my Shell Purse off to the Warrion Flower Show tomorrow. I hope the old Nana's like it!

Liam's Mummy said...

I love Echino fabric. The purses look great - as usual!