Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What's it all about, Alfie?

Sometimes, when the fun of nutting out a new design or pattern has well and truly worn off and I'm bogged down in the nitty-gritties of instruction-writing, when I just seem to be doing nothing but paying bills, or when I think about how I don't get home until late most nights and work most weekends, I wonder why I do what I do. And then I take a look in the Flickr group to see what you've been doing with my patterns and my book.... and I'm reminded that the rewards are in seeing what happens when my work is out there in the world, in your hands....And sometimes, you send me photos of things that you've made - and I love that, too.

Tracy came to my Wrap Skirt class last Saturday. She decided that she was more in need of a summer brunch coat (summer dressing gown) than another skirt, so she merged the wrap skirt with a basic (New Look pattern) bodice and came up with this elegant little number... She sent me a photo of it, all finished.

Even better than that, she discovered the joys of the bias tape maker!!!!

So thanks guys. Thank you for sharing. You make my day more often than you could possibly know.

PS. Did you see the new linky widget thing I have on my sidebar? If you don't have my book already, you can have a browse through a bit of it online. Apparently it's still a month or two away from being offered to overseas sales. I'm not sure what that means re:when it will hit the non-Australian online shops, but I'll keep you posted.


Fiona said...

You'll have to change the name of your Flickr group, Nikki ... fabulous bags doesn't really describe it all! That dressing gown is very elegant - lovely!

A Peppermint Penguin said...


Yes. I would be interested to hear about that.

A bit.

Jo McKay Tsv said...

Wow Tracy!!! Love it!! well done :O)

Fer said...

Thanks for reminding me to add my photo to the group!

Gosh I love that dress, she did a really good job and will be perfect for long summer days. :-)

Helen said...

I love what you do and offer to everyone who can sew (and cannot sew brillantly!). The effort you put into all your patterns and classes is amazing and your designs spark the creative juices big time-just like that amazing dressing gown! i hope the bad days are few and far between