Thursday, August 18, 2011

How to get the best deal and a few bargains

I wish we could offer free shipping.... Postage is going up all the time, and the rates for different regions, parcel sizes and values mean that it's impossible to flat-rate or reduce our postage charges.

So, I have a few tips for you on getting the BEST VALUE....
I pay three lovely ladies to work on each order individually - giving you the attention you'd get if you just walked into your local sewing supplies store. They spend a lot of time packing, weighing, invoicing your order, and then emailing you to personally to make sure you're happy with it, and organising payment. They're happy to discuss your order via email or on the phone and give advice on the products. We also ship things out as soon as payment is received.

We believe that this service makes us unique in the online shopping world - and it saves you the hassle of getting out to the shops (including saving on parking, petrol and hassles with small kids in fabric stores...) but the $3 packaging and handling fee we charge barely covers the cost to me. However, I'm aware that it can be a substantial add-on cost to a small order (say, for one pattern).

Have you thought about getting together with a friend or two - your craft group, perhaps? - and putting in a group order? You will only be charged for one handling fee and your portion of the postage will more than likely be cheaper than to pay for a small parcel.

Or think about what else you might need to complete the project you're working on and make one order rather than two. If you scroll down to the bottom of each age in the shopping cart, there is a tab called "related products"...take a look!

If your parcel is under 5kg and you're within Australia, the cheapest shipping is often via courier flat-rate 1kg, 3kg or 5kg satchel. These days, we're finding courier more reliable than the postal service and insurance is included in the price of the satchel (unlike the infinitely variable add-on insurance with the postal service). It can save you a substantial amount in shipping charges to have your parcel delivered by courier.

To request Courier delivery, make sure you give us a delivery address where somebody can receive the parcel during business hours... perhaps your work address. (You can update your address as you place your order). Then, when you choose your delivery method, choose "COURIER".

While we're on the subject of saving money, we have a few specials on at the moment... like this lovely medium-weight interfacing... I accidentally ordered the wrong code, and what we received is slightly lighter than our usual medium-heavy interfacing. Same-same but different....
The swatch on the left hand side is our usual Medium-Heavy and the one on the right is the new one. The new one is a little lighter, a little more gauze-like (you can see more green cutting board through it in the photo, above).

It fuses beautifully and gives almost the same support as the Medium-Heavy, but it's not what we usually supply. For the sake of consistency in our stock, I'd like to clear this roll at a discount price. We'll deduct 33% from the usual price (making it $7.37 plus GST, per metre).

To order it, just order the usual medium-heavy (HERE), but leave a comment in the comment box with your order to specify that you want the DISCOUNT INTERFACING.

We also received a ridiculously large proportion of grey zips in our last delivery of mixed zips. They are all sorts of lengths but all the same colour - a sort of mid-grey that reminds me of school uniforms. I'm happy to see them go at $4 per bundle of 15 ($3.64 if you live outside Australia). At that price, they are not the least bit precious and could be used for toiles (muslins) or for practising your zipper-insertion techniques. Goodness, you might even sew lots of grey fabric....

You can order them HERE. I've added a "grey only" option in the shopping cart, which will give you the correct discount price.

In these lean times, a few savings here and there add up. I hope these tips help you out....

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Believe me if I could do a bulk order I would! (although those zips look very tempting.... !)