Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Craft Fair loot

Don't worry, folks - I haven't taken up scrapbooking. I just bought a bag full of stick-on bling for the smallest crafter in the house. She was so impressed and satisfied with this, I've witheld the stamp set I bought until the next present is required.

I spotted this adorable fabric at Kelani's stand, and thought it would be perfect to make up into teeny-weeny-tiny baby gear for some brand-spanking twin girls I know. I hope I get something made from it before they're walking.

I loitered (and drooled) a bit too long at Prudence Mapstone's stand. Oh. My. Lordy..... if it's yarns you're into....

So anyway, I only spent a small fortune. There are worse habits and more expensive hobbies, non? And what's life without a few little indulgences... and a few skeins of hand-painted linen yarn...?

...and a bunch of to-die-for soft and drapey 100% tencel?

Over at Can Do Books, I found this Crochet Borders Book. A great reference for the ever-expanding yarn-craft library. Handy for make-it-up-as-you-go-along chicks like me, who find themselves without the skills to finish with a flourish. Also good for washcloth gift-making. And then today, I came across these at the op-shop (sort-of-on-the-way to the pattern printers).

Yep - lots of ideas and inspiration. Here's wishing for time to play.


thornberry said...

Oh yes, that hand-painted linen was just TOO good to resist! Good book score (I've got the crochet edgings one too). Coming to NCB tomorrow night to find some time to play?

Tania said...

GULP. I can imagine the feel of that Tencel 'drape' just by gawking at it. And I can't believe you are lucky enough to own the key to the Restoration and Repair of Practically Everything. Way to go, Chook.

Lynne said...

Lovely acquisitions and gifts. You did very well at the op shop!

meli B said...

Great stash. You are going to have lots of fun with that lot. Enjoy.

Tas said...



Fer said...

That's some seriously good booty you've got there! Do you constantly want to fondle the yarn? I would!

Liam's Mummy said...

You're lucky you didn't get mugged on the way home with that loot.

A Peppermint Penguin said...

Just don't try and Repair and Restore Practically Everything all at once!

The handdye looks yummy - the top one, under the cute fabric - whatisit!?!

Wishing you more playtime!

Has junior tried crochet yet?


Handmade said...

That first photo had me worried ... phew - great kiddie idea! The yarns at the Sydney were also in full force - nice books.

Buy Design said...

Now that's my big problem at craft shows and fairs... Spending all the profits on things that I have always wanted, all my life and just never knew it. Then comes the problem choosing what to show and what to hide when I get home again. I'm fooling nobody though.
You did buy some lovely yarns.