Saturday, March 26, 2011

Behind the scenes

Another week has flown by and I still have nothing that I can show for it. I've been tinkering away behind the scenes, working on something to raffle for a Red Cross/Japan fundraiser and a new pattern.

But I've nothing to show you, except the bits of knitting machine experimentation I've done in fits, starts, dribs and drabs over the last week or two.

I've made a (seriously flawed) set-your-teeth-on-edge-squeaky acrylic rainbow scarf with a small girl. I've tried cut-and-sew experiments with cotton yarn.
I've tried throwing the cut-and-sew experiment through a clean-it-or-kill-it cycle in my gung-ho front-loader.

Despite a few fluffy ends poking through, it looks like it'll survive. I'm going to try a tighter, wider overlock and give it another go. This area has enormous potential..... (insert little squeal here...).

And then there was a spot of experimentation with food colourings and machine-knitted lengths.

This piece (below) was knitted in cream coloured yarn. I gave it a food-colouring bath and turned it budgie-green (eek!). Another bath (this time with RED in it) resulted in a tweedy, mossy green. Lovely. (Insert more squeals). On Thursday night, the incredibly generous and kind Angela showed me how to clean and service my machine. She loaned me a new sponge bar and showed me how to do some fancy-schmantzy stuff.

I'm a bit excited about the prospect of being able to create shape on the machine, but so far the wee girl and I are trying out pattern cards.... great fun.

Next week, I hope to have more results on the surface of things as well as some bits of yarny fun on the side.
But I'm pretty sure there will be a fair bit of yarny fun on the side.


Leonie said...

If you use cotton for your pattern card experiments you will end up with a pile of beautiful face washers ready for teacher (or other people) gifts at the end of the year :-)

Oh and my word verification was: reate. All it is missing is the C at the beginning :0-)

Kate said...

How exciting!
The potential is enormous.
Have fun. x

Tas said...

Wow, that is all looking serious. Oooooh, that green is beautiful.

Fer said...

Oh that looks like so much fun! Loving the green, hope you come up with a good use for it. :-)

sooz said...

Rockin the machine! Impressive, very impressive!

My Needle Crafts said...

How fun! I bought a knitting machine about 3 yrs ago but haven't given it much time, unfortunately. You've given me a little inspiration :)Do you have some goals in mind for projects?
Cheryl (cherylsneedlecrafts at gmail dot com)

faith76 said...

You look pretty busy to me. I like the thought of machine knitting. So far this week (and it's the end now so that's my week gone) I have only managed to do one row of an owl cushion I am doing. Oh well hopefully will fit in more knitting next week. x Leah

A Peppermint Penguin said...

the green looks lovely now, but I'd probably have liked the budgie green anyway!


Tania said...

Love all this squealing bizzo happening in your neck of the woods. Feeling a bit of sympathetic teeth-on-edge over the squeaking thing though.

Katherine said...

I'm having knitting machine envy. ;o) Excited to see what you come up with next - all that yarny goodness knitted up seems like pure magic.