Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Creative Space

I'm surrounded by piles of stuff again. Lots of works-in-progress and class preparations. I have piles of interfacings for tonight's A Sharper Edge workshop.

Piles of knit fabrics and toiles (in various stages of un-finished) in preparation for my Draped Tops class.
Piles of pattern plots to check through and test...

And a lovely pile of skirt length fabrics from Z&S Fabrics. These ones are all from the house of Henry Glass.Excuse me while I get back to it... I've a few things to do.
You can check out other creative spaces around the blogosphere if you head on over to Kirst's.


Amanda said...

Lovely fabric, and I think I need to do your drape class, I am sure it would be good to hide a few bumps

Tania said...

By crikey woman! You never do things by halves.

spectacularfairywren said...

i need baskets for interfacing here. Mine got scrumpled up as scrap last time!

Tanya said...

I would rather like to do both of those classes. Hope it went well and that your power didn't go out like ours did.
Up for pattern testing if you need helpers.

Fer said...

Oh thanks for reminding me, I need to order some more fusable interfacing from you!

Have fun with the class. :-)