Friday, February 18, 2011

Flickr Friday Returns!

How cool is THIS...?!

Sac pour Netbook
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This visual feast is made using my Laptop Bag pattern and some super-gorgeous fabrics, by this talented gal.

I haven't posted anything from my Flickr group lately, but I always check in to see what people are making.

I finally got around to putting the badge on the sidebar over there on the right, so we can all see the latest designs made by very talented people (using my patterns).

Don't be shy about showing off how clever you are.... just feel free to add your NMD bag photos to the group.


Annie said...

Love it!

Liam's Mummy said...

Awesome laptop bag!

meli B said...

Love the Manga fabric. Perfect for a laptop.

les Lily'z bears said...

top du top

Fiona said...

Great laptop bag - I love that Alexander Henry fabric; think it's called Thunder Girl, but buying any of it is almost impossible.

Fer said...

Way cool!! That fabric is brilliant. ♥

LoversLullaby2308 said...

Love your blog!
Totally following =)