Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I like that word. Especially when it's related to something I've worked hard on, against the odds...

And so it is... finished! The Fan bag is in the shop - just in time for you to whip up a few for Christmas presents!! (Or perhaps this and/or the Shopping Bag patterns would make a good gift for someone you know who'd like to learn to sew...?).

I have to thank Adele (who often sits in the office, but is also a super-whizzy sewing gal) for the lovely bag pictured here. Her fabric choice was more photogenic than the one I chose for my boxed-corner version of this bag.

And amid all the other against the odds stuff.... Good Lordy!! I also finished the Olearia!!!
... and just in time for the hot weather Thanks to my support team who helped with yarn and advice. This week, the wee girl likes it.

BTW - The mural was done by the step-daughter of the previous tenant who occupied the room this photo was taken in. No credit taken for it here.


Liam's Mummy said...

Pretty cardigan!

Bree said...

OMG! Do you ever sleep!

Tanya said...

cardi. Love. Jealous. Green. Bragger.
Sorry- didn't someone say 'first 5 words to come into my head?'

Tas said...

Love the cardi. Gorgeous colour. That pattern is on my "soon to do" pile. I am also knitting like a maniac atm...and it's 30 degrees here on Thursday lol. :p

A Peppermint Penguin said...

I like the word finished too - usually it's me rather than a project!

Lovely cardi, really nice shade of green - so glad SuperFrog likes it!

Congrats on the pattern finish. I need to do that.... layout - in cheap software, fun, fun, fun!

Sweet Snow Flakes said...

It's so beautiful and I love it. I wish I could make one!

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

That cardi is just adorable! Now if only these little ones could slow down their growing so they could fit into these lovely clothes for longer!