Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A toe dipped in Blogtoberfest

The theme for today's Blogtoberfest post is "self portrait".  I haven't had much time to be blogging lately - least of all festing -  but I did a few scribbly doodles today, as I worked my way through the upteenth re-working of the book manuscript. 

Things got very dark and scribbly, indeed.... and I realised that I am living proof of the "use it or lose it" theory when it comes to drawing.

..So I got the camera out after I finished (I hope) the edits.... and realised that the same theory applies to my understanding of the camera's timer function.

Eventually... finally....we have a self-portrait.... finished.

Hopefully the same will be said about this book one day.


Anonymous said...

I think you did a great job with the sketching! Very life-like. I do love your hair colour, so lucky you took a photo too.

A Peppermint Penguin said...

There you are! Lovely to see your gorgeous (smiling) face.

Chin up!!


(and no, you don't look as tired as you feel!)

m.e (Cathie) said...

you know you are pretty cute don't you :)
love the scribbles too

CurlyPops said...

That scribbly doodle is fabulous!

Jodie said...

Nikki, you must be done now - I can feel it in my waters !!!
You look great as usual !

meri said...

:))))) chuac! chuac!

Great sketches and great photos!

clare's craftroom said...

It's a great photo and your book will soon be finished and great too !

Louise said...

I love them all! Gosh you draw a good mouth don't you. Good to see you! Good luck with the final bits and bobs on the book! x

Sally said...

Super cool self-portrait... you look like you're keeping it together on the outside even though it might not feel that way!

It will be all finished soon. I am so looking forward to the book coming out too!!!

Fer said...

I love how doodles can really reflect our current state of mind. However my Mum always resorts to drawing ponies when she's doing the crossword!

For someone who seems to be caught up in a big whirlwind at the moment, you're looking very composed!

Andi said...

The book must be so close!
I can feel it in Jodie's waters too ;-)
Lovely portraits! I especially love the poorly timed one.
Andi x

Karin said...

Love the doodles! I love the darker one. :-)

The Clip Cafe said...

So nice to put faces to names (says me who didn't show mine! tisk tisk) I love your pics!

Handmade said...


Vic said...

I love this little story of the self portrait process - I especially like the second drawing - looks so much like you..!!!

Gillian aka Silly Gilly said...

Keep on truckin' Nikki. There surely is a light somewhere at the end of the tunnel.... even if you have to dash through the emergency exits sometimes for a break!
Love the last photo. It's so you!