Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New stuff

Do you need to refresh your zipper stash?  I did recently.

I always like to keep a big box of randomly assorted colours, lenths and type of zip, so that whatever I'm sewing, I know that I'll be able to match a zip to it, should the need arise.  Lately, the stash was somewhat depleted and I found myself having to interrupt the creative flow to go to Spotlight and pay between $1-$3per zip.  I hate that. 

So... I went and bought myself an ENORMOUS box of zips!!  They've arrived just before I have to move studio, so I've decided to sell off the excess. 

You too, could have a random assortment of very useful zips.  A bundle of 15 brand new zips for $5.50 (including metal and chunky-teeth, dress zips and purse zips) is a pretty good deal (that's about 36 cents each).  Get yours HERE!

If you come into the studio, you can choose your own, otherwise it'll be completely random (making sure you get a good cross-section of styles).

The Twist locks were so popular, I now have them in antique brass colour.  These  are a secure closure and add a super-swish detail to any handmade bag (sooooo professional!!!).

I also have a couple of new patterns in the works.  I need to test one on an ABSOLUTE beginner.....  If you have an eye for typos, an understanding of grammar and want to (or know somebody who wants to) learn to sew, please let me know.  (Oh - and it'd be really REALLY good if it can be done by early next week....?).

On the personal front... I have a new book by a totally fab Melbourne girl.

And I had a lovely time at the launch last night.  (Kate sums up my feelings about it, beautifully).


urban craft said...

nice score! Them Zippers are expensive too.

Tracey Heuston said...

I'd love to help you out and would probably be able to sew it by next week. I'm really good at typos and my husband even better. Let me know.

Nikki said...

That's lovely, Tracey - could you please send me some sort of contact details?

KFerg said...

Having a zipper collection on-hand is well...handy :) I'd be happy to try out your new pattern (but I am in WA so it may take a couple of extra days to post). I'm a pretty good 'red penner'.

Kate said...

Hey Nikki! Meeting and chatting with you last night was definitely a highlight for me. I loved watching you knit with four needles like it was the most natural thing to do in the world. You are a star! let's play again soon. Oh, and I'm happy to test any time. Like I said I have never made a bag from a pattern. XX

Lollybags said...

I am in the process of teaching my 12 yo girl to sew, you can't get much beginner then that :) We sew a little every weekend so we could definitely get it done by next week, We would love to help out if you still need someone

Anonymous said...

Ack, so jealous that I couldn't make it last night! Glad that you had fun though. Looking forward to getting my own copy of the book.

Fer said...

I was only thinking yesterday that my zip collection was starting to look a bit meagre!

dillpickle said...

Depending on the time it would take, I could possibly help out with the pattern testing. I've made one of your bags before (and learnt more about sewing than I ever did in Yr 8 textiles!!), and now apply some of that knowledge to other things so you might call me a not-quite-beginner sewer, though I've also just had a baby which might relegate me back to being an absolute beginner ;-)

Rob B said...

I'm an OK sewer but have NEVER made a bag before so I guess you could call me an absolute beginner in that regard!!! I'd love to help out if needed!!!