Monday, August 9, 2010

Kids' Berets....and...errr.. photographing kids.

A spot of quiet button-sorting looked like an opportunity too good to miss.
ACTION TRIPOD!..... and VOILA! Photos for my new Kids' Beret pattern!

Like the adult version, the kid's beret comes in three sizes (to fit headsize 50cm-56cm) and three crown depths.

They can be jazzed-up with all manner of simple embellishments and are super-quick to make.
Unfortunately the photo shoot was short-lived before it became necessary (?) to sit on the table and poke silly faces anytime a camera was pointed in that direction.

Luckily, I'd previously borrowed other people's children for a fitting and crown-proportion check.
...and taken a few quick snaps before I gave the berets to the kids.
So it's here and ready to order.

And I heartily endorse the wisdom in that old saying about animals and children.


Carolina said...

Isn't that the truth! They look great Natalie ^_^

Fer said...

Awww, too sweet!

Katherine said...

Cute as cute can be. Great looking berets, Nikki. I love the sweet details you add for extra style and fun.