Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Same-same.... but different

It appears that our Duckbill Scissor suppliers are having ongoing issues with their supplier, so we've sourced some from elsewhere.

We now have Klasse Brand Duckbill scissors, which are ever-so-slightly bigger than our usuals, but do the same job. The good news is that there's a drop in price. These ones are $24.95 a pair.

Same-same.... slightly different. A slightly pointier "duckbill" blade, and the handles are slightly more bent over. They're also ever-so-slightly heavier.
EDITED TO ADD: Today I tested the new scissors on fine leather and coat-weight wool. They snipped straight through both layers (more easily than the lighter scissors). They're nice and sharp and STRONG.
To order them, just go through the usual Duckbill Scissor page on the website.

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