Wednesday, June 30, 2010

July is COMPETITION Month!

I love to see what you've made with my patterns and I'm always interested in hearing your experiences of using them.

I try to link to as many as I can on my testimonials page, but it's hard work to find them all and I don't get around to updating links as often as I'd like.

I've been thinking for a while now, how fantastic it would be to consolidate all these wonderful blog posts into a centralised resource.... but how?
Lately, I've also been thinking about how good it would be to have reviews to link directly from all my website pattern listings.

Somehow the penny dropped today and I've come up a way to deal with all these birdies with a single stone...

Nikki's "Review Round-up" Competition

The Prizes -
First Prize - $100 voucher from
our shop
Second Prize - $50 voucher
Third Prize - 2 free patterns* of your choice (*excluding purse frame kits)

How to Enter:

1. Write a review of any Nicole Mallalieu Design pattern (hat, bag, purse or garment). See the FORMAT below.

NOTE: You can write as many separate reviews as you like (each will be counted as a separate entry). Each review needs to follow the format (below).

2. Post the review (and photos of the finished project) on your blog.
If you don't have a blog, you can submit your review to Pattern Review, as long as all the requirements are met (our questions answered) within the body of the review. You don't have to be a paying "Friends of PR" member to write a review, but you will need to have or create a members account.

NOTE: I've also created a Flickr group for you to showcase your work and attract people to view (and perhaps vote for) your entry into the competition.

3. Post the name of the pattern and a link to your review in the comments box below this post before 30 July 2010.

4. I'll then work out how to use one of those Google voting widgets, and everyone can cruise through the links to the entries and vote on the most useful/interesting/attractive review.

5. Winners will be announced on the 16th August 2010.

REVIEW FORMAT: Answer these questions -

1. Name of the pattern

2. Difficulty rating

3. Were the instructions easy to follow? (And did you learn anything new from them?)

4. Did the finished project look like the one on the pattern cover or did you 'tweak' it? (If tweaked, what did you do change?)

5. Were you happy with the finished project?

6. What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?

7. Would you make this pattern again? Would you recommend it to others?

8. Review must include photo/s of your project.

Criteria for voting for your favourite review:

1. Quality of the finished project

2. Quality of documentation (Was the review informative and helpful?)

3. Style and attractiveness of the finished object (ie. Would YOU like to wear/have/buy it?)

Good luck, folks!


Gypsy said...

What a great giveaway Nikki! And a good idea to link to reviews of your patterns, I love to see what other people have done with a pattern!

Katherine said...

Clever, clever girl! This will be a fantastic resource and the generous giveaway is a fantastic way to motivate everyone to share. I can't wait to see how others have been using your patterns.

Fer said...

Great idea! Just wish I was coherent enough at the moment to do one! :}

Farah said...

Thats so nice bags... really love them, specially one with bamboo handle.... choice of print is superb and quality is obviously very fine...

please visit me here, you may find something which matches with your taste...Love

Fiona said...

Day Bag

Fiona said...

Chunky Purse Frame Kit

Fiona said...

Squared flat bag

Fiona said...

Adult hat

Fiona said...

Clutch bag

Fiona said...

City Bag

Fiona said...

Baguette Bag

Fiona said...

Party Purse

And I think that's all the patterns reviewed that I've made so far - I've got a few more in the queue behind a large pile of orders for Day Bags and Chunky Purses. Doubt if I'll get to them before the end of July.

This has at least inspired me to find out how the review function of Pattern Review works - I've been a member for ages, just never got round to working it all out!

Belinda said...

Love the idea of being able to showcase your designs that others have made.

Nikki said...

Just adding the links to Bel's individual reviews here...
Make-up purse -

Large Tote and Satchel -

Day Bag -

300mm Snap purse -

Purse Frame Kits -

Anonymous said...

I did my review of the adult hat pattern.


TheAccidentalCrafter said...

Hi Nikki, you can find my review on the purse frame kit here.…kit-and-review/

I hope someone will find it useful.

Fiona said...

75mm Coin Purse Kit

Kathy P said...

Review of Clutch pattern:

Kathy P said...

Review of Baguette pattern:

Kathy P said...

Review of Day Bag:

Kathy P said...

Make-up Bag Review:

Kathy P said...

Evening Bag Pattern Review:

Unknown said...


I reviewed the Sling bag here on pattern review.

Its a published work in progress as I still have to add a link or two.

My bag is beautiful, even if it doesn’t win me anything in your promotion, its won me over !


SEW RED HOT said...

Hi Nikki - its me again - can I change my above review to my blog post instead - heaps more photos!

I snuck the pattern review in at work today, but you know my work does draw the line at updating blog posts!!



Fiona said...

Mod Bag

I'm in love with this bag - unfortunately someone else gets it on Sunday. I'll have to find some more fabric and make my own. Fabulous pattern, Nikki

Kirrily said...

What a great idea! Here is my contribution:

Fiona said...

150mm purse frame kit: