Friday, June 4, 2010

Chat to me on Pattern Review

Otherwise, I'll feel really silly for accepting Deepika's invitation.

The chat will be live - Sunday 6th June at 8pm EST if you're in the USA (that's 10am Monday 7th if you're on the east coast of Australia). For anything in between, I suggest you check out The World Time Server to work out what time it'll be happening in your part of the world.

Go to the Chat room and clock on ROOMS, then EXPERT CHAT. The password is nicole.

You can ask me about bag-making, small business in the craft industry.... that sort of thing. Or just say hello.

If you're not a member of Pattern Review, you'll need to sign up to take part. You can opt for a free membership or a Friends of PR subscription. It's a valuable online resource for all things sewing-related, and well worth the small effort of registering.

You can read and write reviews about all manner of patterns (even MINE!) as well as take part in forums, competitions and online classes.... and more and more and more.... It's an extraordinary portal to all sorts of information.

You can also buy patterns from the Pattern Review shop.

Soon you'll even be able to buy Nicole Mallalieu Design patterns on Pattern Review!! (We'll still be posting them from here, but you will be able to order through Pattern Review). If you're outside Australia, there's a good chance of getting a very good deal through Pattern Review (..depending on what our currencies are up to), because the prices had to be standardised for flat-rated postage and currency conversion. (At the moment, if you're in the USA,it's a good time to spend Aussie dollars!). If you're a friend of PR you also get a 10% discount on purchases.

So..... Monday .... or Sunday night. Come on over for a chat.


Gypsy said...

Sounds exciting, I'll be there Nikki!

Liesl said...

This PR-er be there for sure!!

What super news about your patterns being available through PR, too.

(Um, as an aside ... are you beginning to wonder why real life acquaintances are getting so excited about speaking to you online?!?)

Jenny from Ohjoh said...

Thanks for the heads up.
I'm sure you'll be flat out typing like a mad woman (that is what they do isn't it - gawd I sound like my mother! I can remember days pre-kids when I was up with this tech world I'm great at making playdoh...)
Goodluck !!!

Tanya said...

bummer, I be at work, but I will tell my crafty cousin in the u.s to listen and talk or whatever you do.

Sigrid said...

Let me just say hello here. It will be in the middle of the night in Europe. Though I'm not really making bags at the moment I still enjoy following your blog.

m.e (Cathie) said...

since my bag making skills are really non-existent, how about I say hi here & wish you goodluck with it.
have fun with the very exciting things you have been upto.
hugs ♥

Sherrin said...

I can't believe I just unsubscribed from them YESTERDAY! You make it sound fantastic- which is why I guess I subscribed in the first place!! I think I will have to revisit.

Sounds like there has been lots of exciting stuff going on in your neck of the woods.

Kirsty said...

Hooray for you Nikki. I'm sure your chat will be full to overflowing. x