Monday, March 1, 2010

Falling in love again....

I've been playing around with Vilene S320 for making bags and I'm feeling a bit gushy and besotted again. I particularly like the combination of cotton quilting fabric, S320 and H640 wadding. Structure, flexibility and a smooth flat finish ...all in a lightweight, easy-to-fuse interfacing. I told you I was prone to gushing about it, didn't I...?

I'm also loving this Secret Garden range by Patty Young. It's been in the stash for a while.

Love makes the heart sing.... and makes me feel all generous and giving. I want to share the love around and give everyone a chance to experience the joy that IS Vilene S320.

This week - until 5pm Friday 5th March - we're giving 15% off the price of Vilene S320.
Get yours HERE!

I'm also giving this printer cartridge to anyone (preferably within Australia) who can use it.
Lesson learned - never leave the 4-year-old in charge of choosing the printer ink.... (I know!). She wanted to choose it so I said "No.8 pink -with an M on it". Obviously something distracted me from checking it until three weeks after it was purchased, I'd lost the receipt and damaged the packaging. The one I wanted was 8M - not PM. With no hope of returning it and $26 down the gurgler, I'm happy to see it go to a good home.

Hello to anyone who has come here from the Selvage Blog. Please do feel free to leave your name on the selvedge giveaway post. The stash is building up again after the first round of winners and I'll send more out soon.

On the subject of winners - congratulations to Carol Jones in Texas USA, who won the pattern of her choice in February's "spend over $50" prize draw. This month's draw prize will be a $25 voucher to spend in the shop.

Ain't love grand....?


Gail said...

Is this the same vilene tape that BWOF recommends in its design instructions. I've never figured out what they mean.

Tania said...

Yep, you're doing that nerdy enthusiasm gushy bizzo again. But you know what? I believe you. Vilene S320 is quite obviously the bees knees. Now calm down.

JodieMo said...

Gushing is acceptable in this situation. A good fusible is hard to find. I'm drooling too.

ellie said...

I think the 4 year old did an excellent job of choosing the printer ink, given your instructions. It's the sort of thing I'd do too - send them off to get something, and totally forget to check it before I hand over the cash. (Actually, it happened the other day, when we were getting those little tofu pocket things my son quite likes - we ended up with 2 of the $14 packets, instead of 1 of the $5 packets. At least he ate it all eventually!).

Kicki G said...

What's the difference between S320 och S520? The latter makes very stable bags but it was a nightmare pushing the bag body through the lining... I thought I'd never succed. Sweat was literary pouring down my face!

Nikki said...

The S320 is much thinner and more flexible than the S520, and gives a really flat, smooth finish to the fabric. It's a piece of cake to turn through and wrinkles press out beuatifully..... oh, I'm gushing again.

Marsha said...

Looks like a great product
Do you know an equivalent product in the US
Love your work

Nikki said...

I'm sorry Marsha - I've no idea what's available in the US. This is such a light interfacing it wouldn't cost much to ship a piece over and see if you can match it there.