Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Design Market that was Not a Design Market..

I only took one photo today - the wee girl eating a sausage in the "birdcage" at the (not a) design market today. A gloriously sunny (if a little chilly) Melbourne winter's day meant that there was a somewhat festive air in the outdoor area.

I'm afraid all the eye-candy in this post will have to be via links to the designers' individual websites (I don't like borrowing images without asking!).

The market included some of Melbourne's most talented designers - established and emerging. I bought a bangle for myself and a card for my mother. The wee girl only got a sausage - it was a bit of a change from the usual market scenario as far as purchases go.

It was lovely to meet Bronwyn and Mark who worked together on the fabulous bangles. I also caught up with Karen from The Cat's Meeow (and my studio building) who was squeezed into a corner while crowds slapped the racks of her gorgeous clothes and tried things on.

I really really liked Melissa Cameron's work. Amazing stuff... cut out of tin lids and bowls and things. Soooo intricate and clever.

It was lovely to see my old friend Scott from Haul - who makes great bags, laptop sleeves and things from recycled urban materials. We worked together on developing some of his bags and laptop sleeves a few years ago, and it's wonderful to see how his brand and business has grown. He's looking to expand his empire into the city, and is looking for space.... and running a competition to speed things up. Any Melbournians who know of quirky up-a-laneway type spaces (that's SO Melbourne!), contact Scott NOW!

All in all a grand day out. They plan to have a few more of
these markets - so if you're a local and into design, keep your eye out for news of it!


beccasauras said...

Mmm, hot sausage, cold day, she had to be happy with that!

Gail said...

Melbourne has a much more creative vibe than Sydney at the moment. It has always been St Petersburg versus Tinsel Town.

Tania said...

Oh My Giddy Aunt! Well done Mrs - a (non) market visit that was all about YOU YOU YOU! (except for the sausage).