Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Something old. Something new.

I started a pattern for these 150mm (6") curved sew-on purse frames when the wee girl was five months old. Ahh...great ambitions that were never realised...(when the little treasure started crawling at five and a half months!).

We discontinued the frames a while ago but still have half a dozen in black and five in antique brass, so I've put them on the virtual discount table....

They're lovely frames with loops for a chain. If you can manage the patternmaking side of things you can buy them for the AMAZINGLY LOW PRICE of $8.00 for the black and $11 for the antique brass. (They were more like $13 and $16 before).

We were also sent the wrong pens when we ordered our air and water soluble pens a while back, and couldn't be bothered with the pallaver of sending them back. They're on the discount table, too. They're Japanese-made Chako pens. Now $4.

Neither of these are listed on the website, so if you'd like to place an order you can email or phone Ann Marie and mention "the one's on the blog" - she'll now what you're talking about.
Phone (03) 9940 1533 or email sales@nicolemdesign.com.au .

And now for something new.... shiny, shiny 50mm triglides and 40mm antique brass triglides. We had each of the styles in opposite sizes.. if you know what I mean? - and now we have the whole range. Yippee!

And there's a revamped shopping-carty website on the way. I'm still taking photos, rejigging text.... and even Leah has been linking and tinkering while she's on holidays!! It's a big job, but we're inching closer to completion.
In the meantime, I've updated the current website with all the lovely new oblong rings and triglides.
You may also notice that the new super-improved Baguette pattern is finished and available. The lovely Ms CurlyPops tested it for me and she tells me that despite her usual lack of confidence with advanced patterns, she found this one was easy to follow. I checked out the bag and was impressed.... so impressed that I gave her the overhauled Day Bag instructions to test!! Stay tuned for news on that front...


RosaMaría said...

is an amazing found!!! i cant'n found that type of purse frames here...

Liam's Mummy said...

I'm a bit envious of Ms CurlyPops. How does one get to be a tester of Nicole Mallalieu patterns?