Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What's he BUILDING in there...?

There's been a lot of thumping and banging going on behind the facade of the website.

Super-Joe (the web developer) has been tweaking and shifting things around... and quite possibly wishing he'd never taken on the job of sorting my sprawling pages into a sleek new shopping cart. I think he's doing a stirling job of translating my vague instructions and is ever-so-nice, to boot. If you need a website sorted, then he's the man to do it.

While we're working on things, please pardon my strangely changing images (you may have noticed a certain murkiness in a few images lately...?). We've been playing around with different options for optimisation (say THAT three times quickly) and some have been more successful than others!
It's all to do with the format that my images are currently in, and my attempts to NOT have to prepare a whole new batch of them. Don't panic - it will all be sorted out soon.

Oh - and while I'm on the subject of the wonders of the www.... Hotmail and MSN email addresses are now rejecting emails from our business address! Oh Joy! Apparently we look like SPAM.....

Leah did a bit of research and found that we could apply for certification to get through their new whizz-bang filter - with an application fee of $200+ and an annual fee of $440+ (up to $82,500!!!), depending upon the volume of mail we send. Ummm... or not. (Between you, me and the gatepost... I think we'll be trawling computer geek forums).

In the meantime - if you have a hotmail address and another address... would you mind please using the OTHER address to contact us?


JodieMo said...

The website is looking great! Also, I love the title...nice to see another Tom Waits fan

My Black Cardigan said...

It may seem like lots of hard work now but I am sure the new website will make life soooo much easier for you and Leah, and make everything look even more fancy-pants!

PS. You don't look like SPAM to me!

Tania said...

Breathe in...breathe out...breathe in... (yada yada).

9crafty11 said...

Can't wait to see the new site all prettied up & in action!

Jodie said...

and I am totally sure this was not just an excuse to make businesses pay more money to send email...totally sure!
What a joke.

méri said...

It will be worthy all those troubles, I'm sure!

Kirrily said...

hehe love the Tom Waits reference! The new site is looking great! And what a load of crap from MSN/hotmail and having to buy certificates... Grrrr to them!

(I owe you an email - coming soon)