Friday, May 8, 2009

Last Minute Opportunities

At the last minute we've had two cancellations for next week's "Better Bags" class.

It's on Thursday night, beginning 6.30-8.30pm in my studio. We have a waiting list of people who have since made other plans.... so there are now two vacancies.

Better Bags is a six-week bag-making class, where you work at your own pace on the bags of your choice - with my assistance, demonstrations and LOADS of hot tips and sewing secrets to make your bags look a little less "home made". With a maximum of six people in the class, you'll have lots on one-on-one brain-picking time with me and get to chat and enjoy the sewing group experience.

The course fee is $275 and includes a pattern and enough of the basic materials (interfacing etc) to make your first bag.

It's suitable for anyone who has basic, intermediate or experienced sewing skills and wants to learn more about bag-making. (If you've done Bags For Beginners with me, then this is the next logical step).

If you'd like to take up the opportunity to jump in at this last minute, I'll throw a free pattern into your kit!

If you need any further info or want to make a booking, contact Leah on (03) 9940 1533 or email

Edited to add.... the empty seats are now filled!


Anonymous said...

If my boy wasn't just four weeks old Nikki, I would be *so* there. Will have to do it some other time though, I think!

Sandra @ Pepperberry and Co. said...

Sama same, unfortunately... without the four week old boy :-) It's more like 'If I didn't live in Melbourne...' :-)

Pinktulip said...

Oh I would love to attend - wish I lived in Australia! With our crappy bandwith here in Africa, I can't even attend online classes! I hope you find replacements soon!