Saturday, May 2, 2009

Big day out

The wee girl and I went to the Made 'n Thornbury market this morning. After a gloriously sunny, blue-skied-but-chilly autumn day walk we found the hall packed with colour and people... including the vibrant CurlyPops stall. Ms CurlyPops did a great round-up of stallholders here (which, rather conveniently, saves me from having to do all that linking....).

It was lovely to chat with Taccolina, Tinniegirl and Beccasaurus and One Little Acorn (as well as a few blogless friends and associates) while the wee one was busy at the kid's craft table and face-painting (WHAT AN EXCELLENT THING TO HAVE AT A CRAFT MARKET!!!).

It was great to catch up with Sandra of Pepperberry & Co. I taught her in a class at the Stitches and Craft Show recently and then was lucky enough to win a giveaway on her blog (more of that on another post...). I was SO IMPRESSED with this girl's product range and the level of professionalism in her display.... not bad for 8 days preparation, huh?

I also met the gorgeous Seren and Tilly (ages 10 and "nearly 10") who had a stall and were selling their fantastic handcrafted goods.
Tilly made the hairclips and Seren made the frogs. My wee girl went home with one of each (and loves them both). I went home with memories rekindled of myself at that age, doing much the same thing. You GO, girls! (You SEW, girls!!)

We then headed for the Substation in Newport for the Art Market. What a fantastic building it is!! Tall, tall windows streaming in light... and fabulous crafty people and artists galore.
My very talented sister was there with her easel as well as cards, prints and originals of her work. She runs a life drawing group in Newport, and was drawing people "from life" at the market (don't worry - they kept their clothes on!).

All in all a big day for mummy and daughter. Very inspiring and lots of fun.


Melissa Antolovic said...

damn i forgot this was on today

Henriette said...

Ohh how wonderful to see a little picture og Sandras stall. I'm so exited fore her, and i'm lookeing forward til hear all about it from herself om monday. :-)

The little bags she made is so cute.

Have a nice weekend and by the way.. it's lovely spring here in Denmark. Notised that you write about chilly autum where you are.

Kind regards Henriette

Anonymous said...

What a great day :). Young Tilly is a talented young girl. I own one of her pincushions....

CurlyPops said...

I had a bit of a shopping spree at the end of the day and bought one of those gorgeous little frogs too!
I definitely have to check out the next substation market, it looks amazing.

Sandra @ Pepperberry and Co. said...

Hi Nikki! Thanks for your kind words :-) It was such a fun market, and I'm loving the look of that other one in Newmarket! I sense I'd do a bit of shopping there :-)


Tinniegirl said...

I didn't realise your sister was a creative soul as well. Of course it makes sense. The substation looks worth a look.

Anonymous said...

What a great wrapup - I have serious market envy! And such a gorgeous autumn day for it. I was at work, sob (but followed by a girly lunch that went all afternoon).