Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Flickr Favourites

Originally uploaded by Butterfly Stitch

This is from the Nicole Mallalieu Design Group pool.

I love Butterfly Stitch's bags and purses.... I only taught this talented gal to use a sewing machine a year ago, and she's already doing LEVEL 4 (Advanced) patterns beautifully! She's also developed her own strong design style that is really fresh, bold and feminine. You SEW, girl!

Butterfly Stitch followed up the "Get to Know Your Sewing Machine" class with more workshops and courses (in a natural progression) through the year. She also practised a lot at home.

Look at the results!!! She's LIVING PROOF of what can be achieved in a short time (...when you've been bitten by the bag bug).

If you want to learn to make bags like her I suggest you book into a class with me SOON! Don't leave bookings for too long - there are very few places left and I don't have time to run extra classes this year. (Just letting you know... you know?)


méri said...

You suggest...well!

Columbia Lily said...

is one of those classes in the US? Say in Seattle? =)