Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Construction site

Firstly - I'm a bit excited - a wonderful person reviewed my website on Pattern Review, and gave it a big thumbs-up! Thank you, whoever you are!

I'm sorry there hasn't been much sewing going on lately - so no fabric eye-candy creations to show. The studio looks like this right now. (Well... this is the tidy bit).
I may have mentioned that we're doing a major overhaul of the supplies pages on the website - adding a shopping cart to streamline the ordering process. We get a lot of great feedback about the website as it is, but hopefully the new version will make it even better and easier to use.

The bones of the new-look shop are there but we have a lot of work to do to pretty it up with the new images, text and links. We have over 300 products, and most of them need to be photographed again, cropped, resized and uploaded. All this is cutting into sewing time.... and all on very grey (low daylight) days, so there have been lots of issues with lighting and reflections on shiny silver things.

Our new 50mm antique brass tri-glides have arrived in time to have their portraits done - super-gorgeous. They match the Oblong Rings to make adjustable straps.
Stay tuned for more news about the website and new products. And as always we really value your feedback (...and I LOVE getting good reviews on Pattern Review!!!). You've no idea how much it means to me.


Pinktulip said...

Congratulations! What a great review. It is always good to get recognition for great work that you do, and well-deserved in this case.

I love your bags and recently ordered the Belle and Teardrop patterns. I hope to make them soon. Great patterns!

From South Africa

My Black Cardigan said...

Congratulations Nikki. What a perfect review. She's only telling others what we already knew!

Sherrin said...

Hooray for fantastic reviews!! They'd make my day, too. :o) Those slides are pretty spesh too, I love their 'unifussiness'.

Katherine said...

Yay! That's great news, Nikki. I've always appreciated the informative and attractive layout on your website and your blog. Lots of great photos and helpful information.

Good luck with all the hardware updating for your website. Sounds like a lot of work!

Little Munchkins said...

That's great news about the review :)

I can't wait to see your new website too. It's going to be great I am sure.

Little Munchkins said...

That's great news about the review :)

I can't wait to see your new website too. It's going to be great I am sure.

our shabby cottage said...

There's no rest for the wicked Nikki! I hope you are managing some sleep in there somewhere?

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Congratulations on the great review - it is well deserved of course. Good luck with all the work ahead!