Friday, February 6, 2009

Shiny, Shiny...

We've been getting in lots of lovely new, shiny things lately....

Chunky oblong slide adjusters to go with the 40mm oblong rings. Sooooooooo shiny and lovely (bad photo above... they really ARE super-shiny!). They're not on the website yet, but are $4.20 for a 2-pack and $7.65 for 4.

We'll be getting these in 50mm and in antique brass colour as well...stay tuned!
We ordered 1" rings when we wanted 32mm flat o-rings (I never was very good with imperial measurements). But what a stroke of luck! These gorgeous little rings arrived - super-solid and shiny (like the square-edge 52mm rings I love so much... only super-dinky and cute!) and they're inspiring all sorts of bag and jewellery projects.

The 1" measurement is the diameter of the hole and the metal in the ring is a solid 4mm square. A happy accident, indeed.

Again - not quite on the website yet, but prices are $2.80 a pair, $4.85 for 4-pack, $11.50 for a 10-pack.

We've also had a few nasty surprises this week when old suppliers have invoiced us with NEW PRICES!! Yikes! A few huge hikes.

Looks like we're going to have to UP the price on some of the metal things... purse frames, swivel hooks, magnetic snaps... I'm still trawling through invoices and finding little pockets of pain. We'll keep our prices as low as possible, but if we don't increase them a tad we won't be around to bring you lots of lovely shiny eye-candy in the future.

So this is QUICK HEADS UP for anyone who was putting off ordering those few things you might need... if you can get your order in before we change the prices on the website you can save yourself 10-30%. And I finally remembered to photograph the silver nickel purse chain we've had for ages.... I just thought I'd throw that in.... being on the subject of shiny and all...

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