Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Help Wanted!

We're looking hard to find the right person to help out Leah in the office. Blogging it might be the answer!

We are looking for a sales and admin whizz (that means highly efficient...preferably with MYOB and sewing experience) to work a couple of days per week. The position is casual with a view to being permanent part-time.

The successful candidate will have great written and spoken communication skills, be highly organised, will learn systems quickly and value excellent customer service.

If you fit this description please EMAIL your CV to info@nicolemdesign.com.au .

PS. Of course, this only applies if you can get to work in Brunswick, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA.... Apologies to international hopefuls!! :)

Edited to add: Sewing skills are only so you'll have an understanding of the products and have some background information for customer service. There's no actual sewing involved in the job!


beccasauras said...

God, I so want that job, not many office skills though. Reblog if you're desperate and want to train a quick learner!!

Allison said...

Define "sewing skills" :D Actually define "sales whizz" :D

All the earnings from such a job could buy material and bag making things. Sounds awesome to me.


JodieMo said...

My dream job! Too bad I'm half a world away.
Good Luck!

Marty said...

Darn!! Great job but a heck of a commute from Montana, USA!!!

Gillian aka Silly Gilly said...

Now this is bizarre.. I was just thinking this morning about how fun it would be to work in your studio... dang me living here in Adelaide.

Columbia Lily said...


except my parents would never forgive me.

Kirrily said...

Ohhhh how fantastic that are so busy Nikki! I can't wait til I can afford an assistant (or two!).

Wish I lived in Melbourne too!

Ylana said...

I can do everything asked for BUT i live in Perth... :(

Anonymous said...

If I hadn't just moved to Perth I would have applied for this in a heartbeat!!

Lily said...

Ooooh, Wow, I'd loooove this job! I live in brunswick! But I have no experience in MYOB.... But I'm VERY organised and a really quick learner (I love computers!) and I can write good letters!
Aw, if only

RomaC said...

Hi Nikki.
Have you sorted out help for Leah?
I'd be happy to donate some of my time until your find someone more suitable....that is not to say that I presume than I would be unsuitable...LOL!!!

You know me..would enjoy being involved in anything crafty.
One advantage to me is I'd be in the loop and wouldn't miss events like your sewing bee!! Glad it was such a success.

Anyway...before I waffle on tooooo much ... I'd better get outta here! You know where to find me.
Ciao, Roma.