Thursday, January 1, 2009

Treasures from the past

When I sew, I'm usually so lost in the sewing-zone that I don't notice my surroundings. I've never even noticed the packaging on the ric-rac I've been using this last year.

I packed it to take home (to finish something) the other day. When I unpacked my bag at home I noticed just how old it is... it's not just vintage haberdashery but a piece of MY sewing history! It's been in my stash since I was a child!

It was purchased from Fairleys department store in Shepparton (which was where we went for "big town" shopping trips when I was a kid). The price label reads 20cents for five metres of ric rac. I'm guessing that was a good while ago... at least pre-1980, which puts me in Primary School.

Just seeing that label brings back memories of the big treat that Fairleys cafe was for those shopping day lunches. I can smell the cappucinos (the height of regional Victorian sophistication in 1975) and the taste of wax-covered paper straws and chocolate milkshakes... I think of ham sandwiches and lamingtons. I think of special time spent with my mother when she was young and well. Precious times.

I won't be using the rest of the ric-rac. It'll go back in the stash so I'll find it again in a few years and enjoy the flood of memories all over again.


Handmade said...

That's really cool - how some ric rac can draw so many precious memories - now I think of it ... what a cool name "ric rac" is!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Nikki - I noticed the Fairley's sticker as soon as I saw the photo! I've been reminiscing today too - I'm in Shepp - your post resonates completely.

Anonymous said...

Nikki, and I thought I was the only one that kept sewing stuff so long that that it bring back memories of so many years ago. Gives me so good post ideas. I have my first scissors, seam gauge et al. Thanks!

Vicki said...

My first full time job was at Fairleys - I would have started there in 1976. A lifetime ago! I still go to Shepp (3 times in the past few weeks) as mum is still there. And now I go into Harris Scarf (the Fairley's site) to check out the sales - not the same is it?