Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A present for Hamish

A dear friend, her partner and new baby boy visited today. I thought they might like some new bibs (made yesterday). The blue one is my Fabulous Fifties Bib and the other is a little snap-closure one I make sometimes. I was right... they loved them!

The dog print and its co-ordinating paw prints (on the binding) is something like*** Paws and Whiskers (I THINK a Kauffman print...?) from
GJ's - on sale for only $8 per metre - and I bought mine at the 25% off sale. Yay! I love GJ's!! (And no - I don't have shares in the company!!).

The red print is from the Wee Play range from Moda.

*** I can never be too sure of print ranges these days, because before I start using a fabric I cut off the selvedges to send to Jodie, and then instantly forget from whence the fabric came. But I think seeing what Jodie comes up with is MORE than compensation for my failure as a fabric-geek.... don't you?

I've also been playing with my new patternmaking project and a few little fiddly origami things. I've only used fabrics that I'm not precious about - just to test the processes - and strangely enough, I believe they'll do as Christmas decorations next year.

I'm not through trying all the designs I picked out to try and already I'm getting ideas about mutating the forms of these lovely Japanese designs.... thinking raw edge and unusual fabric combinations....probably a bit of assymmetry... ???

SO MUCH TO DO ...and less than a week before reality kicks in again. We open for business again on the 12th Jan. Yikes!


Kirsty said...

These look great. I LOVE the idea of the raw edges. I'm looking forward to watching this develop further.

Hoppo Bumpo said...

You find the best prints! I love those bibs. Very cute.

And your origami is fabulous. What beautiful Christmas decorations they will make. Can't wait to see their next assymetric incarnation.

Di said...

These new "Christmas decorations" look great! I love the shapes and I am glad that the bibs were loved too!

Jodie said...

Oh yes, all that structure and precision ...with raw edges would be a killer !!!

Hope to see you soon .....

mayaluna said...

Love the direction your heading in with the origami! Hope you have a beautiful last week! Happy New Year, Nikki!

Emma said...

I love the bibs. Do you have a pattern for the snap closure one?
And the oragami looks really cool, they almost look as though they are going to pop out of the screen.

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

I've just spent a lovely hour or so catching up on your blog. Lots of great things happening on it.

I love your bibs and your origami pieces. I recently bought a "fabic origami" do-dad by Clover (a bit like a yo-yo maker), but haven't had the chance to play with it yet.