Thursday, January 22, 2009

Clearance of Discontinued Stock

Our suppliers are constantly changing their offerings - bringing in new things and discontinuing's good and bad. Either way, it's hard to keep up. I've been meaning to put up a CLEARANCE ITEMS page on the website for ages but it hasn't happened yet. In the meantime I thought I'd let BLOG READERS in on a few bargains...

25% Off on these discontinued handles (first in, best dressed... Email Leah with your order).

We have 1 pair of #21 Blue handles (190cm wide). Normally $13.50. Now $10.10

1 pair #11 Blue (13cm wide). Normally $9.50 - Now $7.10
2 pairs #3 clear (13cm wide). Normally $10 - Now $7.50
1 pair #3 amber (13cm wide). Normally $10 - Now $7.50

We also have a few incidents where the suppliers have sent us the WRONG THING, and it's been more trouble to return them than keep them.
The 40mm Square rings are now 45mm!!! Same price as 40mm (although worth slightly more). We don't have any of the 40mm left in stock right now but the 45mm look the same ...only 5mm longer!
We still have more of these magnets. LOTS of them were sent by mistake, so we're selling them at near cost.
By the way - If you're on my mailing list you should have received an email last night. If you didn't, could you please check your JUNK MAIL FILTERS and un-junk my email? You have to let it into your allowed list or future email from me will keep being swallowed up. We're looking into overhauling the mailing list (along with the whole website) so hopefully we can clear up this little... ahem... glitch.

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