Sunday, November 2, 2008

This Is... a favourite recipe

Hot Whiskey Xmas 2007
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Whenever ANYONE has a hint of a cold, I give them this recipe for a sure-fire cure... well, it's a sure-fire "kill the pain".

Hot Irish Whiskey (or "a wee hot one" as they say in some parts..)
You need IRISH whiskey - Scotch doesn't work with these flavours.
1. Pour a goodly amount of the whiskey into a sturdy glass.
2. Add a large teaspoon of BROWN sugar (has to be brown sugar... doesn't taste right otherwise).
3. Cut a slice of lemon, stud it with at least half a dozen whole cloves and put that in the glass as well.
4. Top up the glass with boiling water. Stir and let it steep for as long as it takes to be a drinkable temperature.
5. Drink several of these.... and you will feel NO PAIN and sleep like a baby. (Do it too often and you'll probably feel some liver pain, but your cold will be a distant memory!).

Oh - and this works equally well with Port, only you don't need the sugar.

I wish I had some whiskey - I could do with one of these right now. I'm coming down with some sort of aching fluey feeling....

Thanks Angela for the theme, and for hosting "This Is".


LizzieJane said...

Now this sounds like a very good cure!
I hope your achey feeling doesn't progress to a nasty cold, if it does at least you have a great remedy

our shabby cottage said...

It's a "Hot Tottie" in these parts!

Liesl said...

That does sound nice. I think I might be inclined to try it even without the cold!

Hope you are feeling better soon.

laura said...

Whiskey yes, Scotch, no! Last week a certain someone (HANS!) forgot to buy my favorite so out came a bottle of so called good Scotch. All I can say is now I know what liquid band-aids must taste like! Thanks for the recipe and I don't think I'll need to be sick to try it.

Christy said...

AW!!! feel better soon!!!

Louise said...

I would happily drink that without the cold. Hope you are feeling better soon!

Katherine said...

Hope you're feeling better!

méri said...

I'm late, I know!
Hope you feel better!

Frankie said...

Another fellow sewstress just recommended this to me; I'm gonna try the port version tonight, wish me luck! :D

Frankie said...

'Tis GOOD! Though you still need 0.5tsp sugar with the port. Might try a touch of cinnamon next time too.. next time being T-00:15hrs..! :D *hic*