Wednesday, October 29, 2008

And we have a WINNER!!!!

Small, medium and large foldable pressing hams.... (hmmm... perhaps I should have done a comp for naming THESE???).Moleskin cloths can be folded and rolled into all sorts of shapes and sizes, and are THE BEST THING for pressing awkward nooks and crannies in bags, purses, and fiddly little crafty sewing projects. They also work in lieu of a sleeve board.

I've cut up and overlocked my entire stash of super-duper lovely heavy-weight cotton moleskin (why didn't anyone tell me how long that would take???) and will be selling it off for $20 per 3-piece kit.

Thanks to all who came up with fab names for my bag pattern!!

(Here it is with its cousin the Carry-All)

The King Arthur in this story is Bernardette, who came up with "Mod". So many people offered names that evoked swinging 60's London, that I felt the name had to reflect that feeling. I wanted something short and snappy (I like that in a bag name) and I think MOD says it all. Thank you Bernadette!!! If you could please send me your details I'll post a set of moleskin foldable pressing hams out to you!

Winner of the random number draw was Handmaiden. Congrats Sharon. We'll post the goodies out to you, too.

Thank you all! Now all I have to do is stop making new variations on the design and finish those instructions!!!!


Bernadette said...

Thanks Nikki that's fantastic! Not only do I win the pressing cloths but I actually got to name the bag, how cool is that!! Now I will definately have to buy that pattern as well as a few more I have my eye on.

méri said...

Congratulations to both winners!

MOD in my dictionary:
Ministery of Overseas Development

handmaiden said...

How exciting..........this will be so good for my sewing and bag making. thanks Nikki

CurlyPops said...

That's a great name...well done!