Monday, May 17, 2010

Several blog posts behind....

Everything is happening in May and I can hardly keep up with my intentions to blog about the goings-on here.

I promised Stitches and Craft loot a while back, so before it's last year's news, here it is....

A goodie bag from Notebook Magazine, which I must say I'm really impressed with (the magazine as well as the Baci chocolate.... how did they know it was my favourite?). I took the magazine to the hairdressers on Friday instead of reading the trashy gossip magazines they usually offer. Super good read.

New felt from Winterwood - a mix of wool and viscose. I'm dying to try this stuff out - it's lovely and thick.
I treated myself to a metre of stunning Ink&Spindle fabric to make a skirt and also found some remnant pieces of Dick & Jane fabric at Earthgirl Fabrics.
A Crochet necklace from Crayon Chick and a Sausage Dog Kit from Craft Schmaft.
Edwina Bolger was next door with these irresitable egg cosies - so beautifully presented in their little noodle boxes that I went home with two of them.
I have great plans for the new Pippiejoe fabrics.... you'll see more of these.
I couldn't resist a few more button badges from Red Parka Designs. The wee girl and I seem to buy them at any craft market Jen goes to.

The always-thoughtful Nikki (as opposed to this particular Nikki) helped me on my stand at the show, and she made this book to keep my writing-obsessed girl busy.

It really speaks the wee one's language. She's been telling us that she's a frog for over a year - and now she can WRITE it!!!

I may not ever catch up on all the blog posts I planned to write. Each week seems to present a new focus, and windows of blogging oportunity pass quickly. This week is all about work on the book and then a weekend in Sewjourn. I'll fill you in when I can!


ambette said...

That felt looks exactly like what I've been looking for! I've been on the hunt for some nice stiff stuff that my machine will be able to get through and I think it looks perfect!

I know what you mean about falling behind with blog posts. I think I may have to do a catch-up post of my own soon.

I suppose you must be busy though - good for business! :)

Fer said...

So many goodies! I've been eyeing off that sausage dog pattern for a while, you'll have to show us the end result. :)

Andi said...

Lots of lovely loot!!
It can be so hard to keep up with all the blog posts you want to write!!
I'm so far behind that it's embarrassing to post some of the 'thank you's that I owe after so much time!!
Andi :-)

PS Next time you are going to Sewjourn, can I come too?

Little Munchkins said...

Lots of lovely goodies!

I have never seen Baci packaged like that. That's one of my favourite chocolates, only after Lindt :)

Umma crafty squirrel said...

Love your goodies, those egg cozies especially crack me up. No pun intended, lol.