Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spreading the joy.... sharing the love...

This time, it's all about bias tape makers. I love them. I think everyone should have one.

They help you to make super-cute hats with coordinating binding and ribbon.

I also think the Tulip Dress looks super-cute with a Kids Hat.

And self-cover buttons look adorable on the Tulip Dress too.

I've worked out that a bit of a discount is encouragement for people to try something new.....

So for the next two weeks I've added some special combinations of these products to the shop. When you buy a bundle you get 20% off the normal price.

I think that's a good deal... don't you?


kimbuktu said...

I do love tools, and this one might have to be my next one. You made adorable items with it too.

ambette said...

I've got three of them sitting at home. I really need to start having a play with them!

Fer said...

I bought the pack of 3 bias tape makers from you the other day, and are still itching to use it!

A Peppermint Penguin said...

I want to love my tape makers, I do. BUT... now see what happened next is I went upstairs to do some strips run them through my tape maker and show you how awful it looks. I remembered I had the Clover 18mm in the exact model you have so started there. And you know what? Worked perfectly.

Back to that BUT though.. it's the Clover 25 size that is the problem. I don't know if it's because it's bigger or because it's the model that includes a channel for a fusible strip, so is a different shape - or what. But it's UGLY. All squishy and the cut edges meet and don't meet all over the shop. When you turn it over it's all creased and nasty. :(

So...do you have the 25 size and do you love that one too?



Sorry for sharing ugly pictures!


Nikki said...

AJ - I LOVE my 25mm bias tape maker - although I'm not fond of my 12mm one that has the fusible tape thingamy.

I think the problem with the fusible tape design is that it doesn't have the little handle to hold onto. Because you instinctively don't want to have the iron and steam close to your hand, you don't have it close enough to whee the tape cones out of the BTM folded. You really need to catch it at the opening of the gadget.

I'll have a play with mine and see if I can come up with a few tips for success to blog.

debbie pearson said...

Ok, just so you don't feel alone, I am a bias geek too! It makes my life so much easier, I can't imagine what I did before I ever discovered it. Oh yeah, I spent hours and hours trying to press perfectly straight lines to create bias.