Sunday, April 25, 2010

Kah-shhhhhhhhhh..... secret bloggers business.

My sewing buddy arrived with a brand-spanking new industrial iron yesterday (to replace the one she brought over from the UK recently, which only lasted a few weeks before it died of a Brighton-water-related disease). We're splitting the cost but it gets to live in my studio. Yippeee!
That elastic looking thing is holding on a solid teflon plate (seriously non-stick!) and that big red button releases a high-pressure Kah-shhhhhhhhh of steam.... which gets sucked through the vaccuum board and makes everything FLAT FLAT FLAT. Love it.

And the tank.... it only needs to be filled up about once a week. As a high-temperature-and-super-steam-loving gal, when it comes to irons, that feature means a LOT to me! (A pet hate of mine is filling the iron every five minutes).

The domestic steam station I bought (on Ebay) last year hasn't really cut the mustard. It spits water rather than steam, and right now is shooting more steam through the end of the handle than through the plate. A good brand but I think I bought a dud. We live and learn.

And you know, I love Blogland. I love that I can devote a whole post to writing about an iron and expect that more than a few people will find it interesting, and might even have something to share on the subject.

That's why I'm looking forward to the Sew It Together convention. The chance to hang out with a bunch of other people who can wax lyrical about the joys of a teflon plate and get excited about the blissfull sound of high-pressure steam through fabric.... well, let's just say its got me a bit skippy-hoppy-happy.

I was in Ikea yesterday, stocking up on display items for the Stitches and Craft Show (and, ahem... other assorted handy things that I never knew I needed) and I bought a few boxes of cheap champagne flutes for the little Friday Night Shindig on the 14th May. It occurred to me that I should organise some sort of formal RSVP thing so I can be in some way prepared.

We've relocated to the downstairs boardroom at the Brunswick Business Incubator from 5pm, but when everyone is in we can have a tour upstairs to the studio (so you can visit my new iron).

If I know how many folks will be there, I could quite possibly cater adequately with enough drinks for everyone and a plate or two of eatables. I'd also really appreciate it if a few locals could bring a plate of something to share - if you can do food (edited to add: don't worry about drinks - that's my shout) please let me or Sheridan know - by Monday 10th May if at all possible.


Anna said...

Love the iron, i haven`t used one since i was studying they are fantastic.
I can bring some nibbles and bubbles if you like :)


Liesl said...

That's one serious-looking iron! I guess your other one died from all the scale - that south coast water is appalling.

I am hoping to be there on the Friday (despite Mr HB inconveniently deciding to go overseas on business!)and I would most certainly bring a bottle and a plate.

Liam's Mummy said...

I'm coming! I'm sure I could bring a jar of olives or gherkins or a packet of biscuits if you can manage something for me to put them on.

That iron looks swish!

Jennie said...

That iron is damn sexy.

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh wow, i recently lost my ironing license when i put starch infused water into our 'wedding gift' first iron. Um, big no no, spat out a WHOLE lot of rust. Clearly soldier boy forgot to WRITE in big letters STARCH on his spray bottle & having 4 children who constantly take my demineralised spray bottle (which i use to top up the iron too) i didn't notice. I could have put red wine in for all the attention i pay for such things!! Oh well, it had a good run after 13 years. I would not be trusted with a proper industrial one. Love Posie

sooz said...

I love my iron in a way few can understand. It's nothing next to yours, a simple domestic fill the tank every 5 minutes jobbie, but it does shoot good steam and it glides and it is a mile ahead of all the other domestic jobbies I've used (it's a tefal aquaspeed if you might want to know) and if I ever have to iron somewhere else using something else I feel all sad and wrinkled.

But soiree, yes, I'll be there and I can bring nosh.

Copper Patch said...

Wow, your iron is SEXY!
Considering my ten dollar jobbie just died I have full blown iron envy. My world is wrinkled at the moment.
I'll will be there in all my wrinkled glory for S.I.T and will try and bring something tastey.

A Peppermint Penguin said...

I won't be coming to your shindig, hardly a surprise, but to my eternal disappointment!

That is the exact same kind of iron they had in the steam room at college. Bit scary at first, but yep, powerful steam.

You have a super iron - congrats. But never mind the iron.... you have a vacuum board!?!?!?!? Oh I loved the vacuum boards at college. They even had one with a vacuum on the SLEEVE board. It's not finance, it's space. I have nowhere to keep such heavy equipment, but when I win a gazillion on the lottery and have my own studio I am SO having all that fabbo stuff.


ecoMILF said...

That iron looks hard core!! Enjoy the champagne! xo m.

Buy Design said...

Sorry Nikki, I'm just not getting excited about your new iron. It does look lovely but no... it's just not pushing my buttons. Have I perhaps taken after my totally non domesticated granny. Her idea of ironing was to fold 'it' flat, put 'it' under the cushions of the sofa and sit on it.???
Mind you I got a lovely pair of wire cutters that I'm pretty excited about.

trash said...

Me, me, me!! I'm coming. What would you like me to bring?

Fer said...

Ooo, I do love a good steamy iron! Especially one that stays on for as long as you want (I'll never buy one of those auto switch-off irons, what a stupid idea!!).

Wish I could come to the shindig, sounds like it would be a blast. :)

Bianca Jae Makes Stuff said...

Hi Nikki! Very hard core iron. Can't wait for the soiree! See you in 8 sleeps xox

Andi said...

Hi Nikki,

Although I had RSVPd 'yes' to the Friday evening drinkies, I won't be able to make it.
Sorry to stuff you around.

Looking forward to meeting you on the Saturday (or maybe tomorrow at S&C!!!)

Andi :-)

Lisa said...

That is one fancy iron. Maybe if I had fancy one like that might encourage me to iron more. Hmmm, maybe not! Oh and I can't wait to come visit the studio with the Sew it Together group!

Leah said...

I wouldnt miss it. I will try and think of something I can bring in my bag and drag around on the bus trip. lol.

Gypsy said...

I'll be there! Will bring a plate of something yummy :) Can't wait!

beeware said...

Thanks Nikki
I'll be there with the busload of shoppers! Looking forward to it...only 6 more sleeps!

Cathy {Tinniegirl} said...

Is this where I RSVP for Friday night? I'll be there and I'm bringing nibblies. See you then.