Friday, February 5, 2010

Flickr Favourites Friday

Isn't this a gorgeous version of my Poppet purse?

Poppet by NIcole Mallalieu Designs
Originally uploaded by The Stitching Room

And I love the belt detail on this Day Bag by Raspberry Swirl.

I'll be seeing a lot of other lovely handmade things (and eating cupcakes) at the Northside Makers Market in Northcote tomorrow. The wee one is excited about the craft table.


One Flew Over said...

That bag is beautiful! Have fun at the market x

okie2thfairy said...

Do you sell to the US? I love your designs and would like to make some but don't have access to your funky fabric. Do tell!

Nikki said...

okie2thfairy - We send parcels off to the US every day! Yes - we ship worldwide. There are also US stockists listed on my Stockists page on the main website.

Most of the fabrics I use are originally from the USA. Some bought here and some bought onlline, directly from the US. Follow the links on my posts about fabric ( )to find out here they all come from.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nikki - I love making bags and just found your site. I'm in the UK, but even so the P&P is so reasonable for getting the bag bits I need, all from one place. Also LOVE all the hints and tips - keep it up!
Jen x

anna said...

Your blog makes me smile so I am nominating you for the Sunshine Award! You can find the details on my blog here: keep up the good work!

Leanne said...

Hi Nikki,
Poppet turned out so well because of your great instructions. Thanks for a great purse.

Sue said...

Thanks for the mention Nikki :) It's a great pattern and easy to work with, cant wait to get some more patterns and advance a few levels in my sewing, now if I can just get down to Melbourne to attend your classes I will be set! ^_^

Anonymous said...

Hey Nikki - love that version of your poppet purse.

Seeing your felt reminded me that I was going to pass this site on to you:

Their wool tops and felby are beautiful, as are their colour range. Top quality stuff, if you ever try your hand at felting again.