Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A quick little pattern....

...has taken considerably longer to produce than I thought it would.

I had an idea that - in lieu of a much-needed holiday - I'd use a different part of my skills base and make a garment pattern for a change. A "quick little dress pattern" sounded like fun - and it has been... to a point.

But then I started writing instructions.... and (you know me...) I couldn't leave the detail out. I had to fill them with tips and notes and ways to do things quickly.

I had to include few variations (and stop myself from adding too many more).

I even wrote tips on pressing.

And of course, every step has needed a diagram and/or a photo to help explain things as clearly as possible. It's taken me MONTHS!!! So much for "quick"....

Anyhoo - I now have a lesson-in-a-packet for people who are just branching out into garment making. I have my usual pattern-testers lined up already, but I need ONE MORE PERSON to fill a gap in the testing process....

If you fill the following criterior:
  • Beginner-ish sewing/dressmaking skils.
  • Have a small girl (size 2-8) to try the finished dress on.
  • In Australia - so the whole thing doesn't get slowed up by the postal service (heaven knows, it's having enough problems at the moment)
  • Will READ instructions and have a good eye for detail (for typos and unclear explanations).
  • Have time to sew a little dress (which is actually QUICK when you're not writing instructions for it!!) before mid-January.
  • Can give detailed feedback
  • Can show me the finished dress (or photos of the finished dress - blog/flickr is fine)

Please email me TODAY at nmallalieu@optusnet.com.au.

It's a bit tight.... but I'd like to get the kits out this afternoon. Tomorrow at the latest.

EDITED TO ADD: Wow! Overwhelmed by the response!! Many thanks to the volunteers - I took the first two offers that came in and we now have our testers.


JodieMo said...

dang...I'm 2 requirements short. Good luck with the new pattern!

Rose.W. said...

I have a 5 year old daughter, I have been sewing since February this year but am still what you would call a beginner.
I am in Qld, I always read patterns 3 times before even contemplating cutting, I am known for picking up grammatical errors (despite often making my own lol), I am happy to take photographs, and I can start the minute the pattern arrives. I have Never used any of your patterns yet.(I say this with embarrassment lol)
No worries if you have someone though.
Rose :)

Turning Japanese said...

Hi Nikki,
I've made a hat before so I guess I am no good for what you are seeking. I can fill the other requirements though so I thought you may like me as a backup...
I am a local (I could pick up).
I am a teacher so I have lots of time on my hands for sewing right now.
I have a six year old niece (she'd love a dress).
I also consider myself a beginnerish sewer...
Good luck.

Purple Paisley Patch said...

Drat, my daughter is 9.
Any chance the pattern could be made up to a size 10, pretty please :-)

rachelmp said...
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Skooks said...

Nerts. I live in the US and I'm too late to boot.

I'll be keeping an eye back to see the pattern/completed dresses. I am slightly terrified of garment construction, but really want to try because I have a 2 year old who LOVES when mommy makes stuff. :)

Tania said...

You know that bit about TAKING MONTHS? About PRESSING TIPS? That's why we love your patterns.

Just thought you should know.

(merry Christmas lovely lady) x

one little acorn said...

Hi Nikki
Haven't been blogging much for a while, though hope to be doing more in the new year again. Hope you and your family are well and that you have a joy filled Christmas and happy & healthy 2010.
Lots of love to you, Cinta

our shabby cottage said...

Yes, funny how that can happen! But, it is much better to have more info than less!! I hope you and your family have a happy and safe Christmas Nikki and may 2010 be a fab one! Kathryn.

Andi said...

So glad you got the stitchers you need.
Andi :-)