Sunday, October 4, 2009

How to talk to friends at craft markets.

Give the impatient child a camera to play with.....
The Sisters Market is suddenly browseable... the child is happy.... conversations are not interrupted.... My lordy! This is a good thing! Why didn't I think of it before? (Or - more to the point - why did I only think of it just as we were about to LEAVE the market on Saturday..?).

I think the wee one has blog-photographer potential... Nice shot of Carla's purses (above) and this gorgeous birdie brooch by Madz Has Runaway.

She was also quite taken with Holly's softie foody things.... (although I took this pic).

I came home with hair ties and a few projects to do with and for the wee one.

And I had lots of distracted half-conversations with people... until the camera came out.


quinn said...

My "official" wedding photographer was my high-energy/center-of-attention-at-all-times nephew. Worked like a charm! He was busy, important, and had a blast!

(p.s. He also refused to let anyone see any of the photographs...such an artiste!)

(p.s.s. word verification is "messy." This is so unfair, as I just spent an hour going through papers. Also, eerily appropriate, for the same reason!)

Cath from chunkychooky said...

How bizarre- I just blogged about making a camera for Busy for the same reason!

Handmade said...

Digital cameras - aren't they great - do you think she would have been as enthralled in the old days of waiting for the film to be developed?

Lauren said...

These are great photos for one so young!

Liam's Mummy said...

Your last photo reminded me I have a couple of MIP Downtown Boy Jackets I need to be making.

I really hope the camera fascination lasts!!

Sandy said...

Glad you got that "thief" sorted out - what a nerve!!
Uptown Girl pattern is great, very easy. My 3yr old GD loves hers AND the digital camera.

Michelle said...

Your "little one" will love the Uptown girl. I have made one each for my girls and used different waddings in each. I found the bamboo/cotton blend gives a more 'drapey' look and used a wool blend in the other. Don't know 'till you try!! But both turned out great. Pattern is really simple to follow.