Saturday, September 5, 2009

Time out

It's been a bit quiet on the bloggy front here lately. Busy on the tedious-beyond-belief-website-finalising front.

On the weekends I've made sure it's not ALL domestic drudgery and late-night HTML-checking (although a goodly portion of it is!)... last weekend I did a spot of sewing for myself.

I finished a few things I started at Sewjourn months ago.... including this "pattern magic" knotty top in black voile. I also made the cushion covers that I "haven't had time to make" for about a year (it took all of about an hour and a half...!?).

If you're SUPER-QUICK, you might be able to get into the draw for a free day's crafting at Sewjourn... head on over there NOW!!!

Today the wee girl and I met friends at the Made n Thornbury market. We came back (with friends) to make pizzas for lunch. We had a great time and the kids made spectacular pizzas.

(I then did two loads of washing and drove to the studio to vacuum and clean there... but we wont mention that).

The kids had a fab time - as always - at the market's famous craft table (which has become a craft ROOM!). The lovely Marita supplied all sorts of fabulous materials to be cut and stuck and turned into all manner of wonderful artworks.

Marita will be running art retreats for kids at the Thornbury Women's Neighbourhood House on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the coming school holidays. A registered nurse and community artist, Marita includes stories, breathing relaxation, movement and lots of fun and creativity in the session.

10am-12pm or 2pm-4pm.
For more information phone TWNH on (03) 9480 0466 or email
No setting up or cleaning up involved... Marita does it all!

Sounds like good value to me.... Mums need time out occasionally.


Handmade said...

Cool knotty top!

Tania said...

Marita sounds like a veritable Mary Poppins. Even if we have to leave at 5am to get there (ok, small exaggeration) we just may have to be lining on up.

Hey nice knotty top, lady. Imagine that works with a certain red woolly skirt.

Nikki Cardigan said...

GREAT to see you doing something for yourself. Your top looks gorgeous... now the next step is to organise some time out and go somewhere fun to wear it!