Sunday, October 19, 2008

Shirts and Skirts in Abbotsford Convent

We had a lovely day out at the Shirt and Skirt Market. So many talented folks making beautiful things... and I ended up blowing my budget on fabric ( I need more!). I was going to buy a brooch or pendant but couldn't choose. I'll have to go back next month with blinkers on so I don't see those fabric baskets again.

'Twas grand to meet Peta Pledger and see her gorgeous 50's-inspired dresses and accessories.

And Rachel's divine Lil' Misfit kids gear was just too cute.

I left a great big puddle of drool at Fibre Red's stall again. EVERYTHING this girl makes is simply gorgeous!!! I want, I want, I want, I... am going to her studio opening and sale 20th-22nd Nov.
We had a chat to
Carla, and it was great to bump into
Lara and family, too. We ate pizza, my wee girl kept her clothes on this time and we had a grand day out, altogether.


Naomi said...

Ohh so much stuff and the febrics all look so lovely. I wish we had markets near us. Living in such a small town I don't think that is going to happen :(

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Looks like a lovely day out and Yah! to your little one for keeping her clothes on :)

I have to say, that Fibre Red stuff is to die for! I NEED that red dress!

Anonymous said...

It really was a grand day out! Lovely to bump into you too. Must diarise that fibre red sale ...