Monday, September 8, 2008

This Is... My Favourite Band Ever

And this is me a day late with it.

I really didn't know what to put down for this. Even as a kid my taste in music was wildly eclectic and influenced by those around me (LOTS of older brothers and sisters).

The first record I bought when I was a teenager was (indie Melbourne band from the 80's) the Models "Pleasure of Your Company" ....followed by Simon and Garfunkle's "Concert in Central Park"...!!?? Go figure.

I also remember having a single record of "Ferry Cross the Mersey" (left over from my 60's-reared siblings) on high-rotation at one point. I just played what I liked at the time, and apparently I liked that one a LOT.

I can't actually remember the first concert I went to. My late teens and early twenties are a blur of local and international bands in long-gone Melbourne icons like The Venue, pubs like The Punters Club and The Prince of Wales (when the carpet was sticky and they had free bands on a Thursday night) and big concerts at the Myer Music Bowl and The Metro... My ears are still ringing from a Festival Hall gig (Hoodoo Gurus, Huxton Creepers and Weddings, Parties, Anything) in 1985. (Apologies to international readers... I know you'll have NO IDEA of the people or places I'm talking about!! Please humour me and allow me to get all misty....).

My late 20's was my "Jazz Age". It's the closest I guess I got to being a serious FAN of any one type of music.

Now.... I mostly listen to Radio National, or enjoy the silence when I don't have the wee girl's favourite choice of music playing.

And sometimes I put on a Cat Stevens CD and sing along. I remember the words from when I was a little girl....

Thanks Angela and Sharon for hosting This Is, and Miss Curlypops for her theme.


SadieandLance said...

RIP Punters. Sniff sniff.

Vicki said...

What no Icehouse? They were my favourite of the 80's. They were played constantly while pregnant with DD and now she has them on her Ipod! (Actually DD was born in '91 so I must have still been playing them then...)