Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I know I promised lots of tutorials in August, and I haven't managed to do as many as I'd have liked. I'm so sorry - I've had a busy few weeks. Now a sick child has left me sleep deprived to the point where I think I'm going to start hallucinating if I don't have an early night tonight. No tutorial-writing for this little patternmaker....

Sooooo..... I'll link to a few others who can show you a thing or two - or at least point you in the direction of a few tutorials.



http://www.taunton.com/threads/pages/nmt037.asp? (REALLY comprehensive list of sewing tips!!)

http://whipup.net/category/tutorials-patterns/ (Oooh - and I just found a new one of MINE on there!!!)


cindy said...

Hope your little one feels better soon. I can't believe you wanted to do more, you are doing a great job.

méri said...

I hope your little sweet is well now!
I have already read several tutorials!So you have all the time, you have been working hard!
Take care of you too :)

Two Peas In a Pod said...

I hope your little one is feeling better soon. thanks so much for these great links. I cant wait to scope them out.
Cheers Kyla

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

So sorry to hear your little one isn't well! Hope she (and her mum!) feel better soon.